Call for Submissions for Issue 7 Now Open

Announcing our Call for Submissions for Issue 7 of Panoply, now through Sunday, July 23. (We plan to close the call at 11:59 pm US Central time.) We plan to publish Issue 7 on or about August 18. To submit, please visit: Panoply’s Submittable Page.

Some key submissions criteria:

  • Unpublished pieces only.
  • Simultaneous submissions are ok, but please notify us ASAP if a piece is withdrawn.
  • Poetry or short prose (<=500 words for prose – We’ve had to decline some prose pieces that were above our word count limit. Please comply.)
  • We read 100% blind. Do not put your name or other identifying information on the pieces. Use Submittable’s Bio/Notes box for your personal bio of <=60 words.
  • Maximum of 3 pieces per submission.
  • Please submit ONE attachment, preferably in MS WORD, with each piece beginning on a new page.
  • Please submit in 12 pt font, preferably something popular such as Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial.
  • We prefer single-spaced formats, except when alternate spacing is a deliberate part of the layout.
  • Our software limits our ability to indent and create horizontal space across a line of text. We’ll do our best to preserve original formats, but keep in mind our limitations.
  • Hard copy will not be accepted and will be destroyed.
  • Issue 7 is unthemed.
  • We tend to respond to most pieces after the window has closed. So, please be patient as you await our reply.

Thanks for thinking of Panoply! We look forward to reading your work.

Best wishes,

Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn, Editors

Editors’ Choices, Issue 6 (“Daylight” Theme)

Please enjoy our contributors reading their pieces, which were named Editors’ Choices for Issue 6.

“Blackbird: Watcher in the Desert,” by Delores Merrill


Delores MerrillDelores Busbee Merrill, Niceville Florida. With an MFA in Theatre and MA in Creative Writing she taught at a college in south Alabama then retired from working in theatre at a college in northwest Florida. She has had plays produced locally and regionally, poetry, short fiction and nonfiction published in literary magazines and various chapbooks, and has won photography ribbons in regional competitions.



“On the Funeral of a Rice Farmer,” by Ryan Thorpe

Ryan ThorpeDr. Ryan Thorpe teaches creative writing and literature at the University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute. He is the fiction and poetry editor of The Shanghai Literary Review and manages a public workshop for anyone interested in creative writing. He writes columns for The Global Times, has published in numerous literary journals, and is currently working on a creative writing textbook. More information on his work can be found at


“Photo of Mom on the Beach, 1950,” by Kathleen Strafford

Kathleen StraffordKathleen Strafford is a student at Trinity University in Leeds studying for her MA in creative writing.  She hopes her first collection of poetry will be published this coming year after graduation, called Her Own Language.  She has been published in magazines & online:  Interpreter’s House; Butcher’s Dog; Algebra of Owls; Fat Damsel; Cinnamon Press Reaching Out’anthology; Trinity’s Journeys; Trinity’s 50th Anniversary Anthology in 2017.


“Silly Drunk Mentioning,” by Kristin Fullerton

Kristin FullertonKristin Fullerton currently resides in upstate New York with bucolic views of the Helderberg Escarpment from her very own backyard. She is a proud alumna of both Elmira College and University at Albany. Her poems have recently appeared in The Maine Review and Up the River Volume 4 and online at


“Once Planed Straight,” by Steve Gerson

01/19/16 ©JCCCSteve Gerson is an emeritus professor who has spent his entire life focusing on academic publications. Now in retirement, he has the opportunity to think . . . and to write creatively rather than academically, to release his inner poet.


Issue 6, “Daylight” Theme, Spring 2017

Old Stuff 570

Photo courtesy of Andrea Walker

Welcome back to Panoply. We’re thrilled and honored to share our first themed issue, this one related to “daylight.” Our contributors responded with inspiration, which we hope will prove illuminating. So many of these pieces bask in the light, but a few may surprise you. Daylight can play many roles. Enjoy exploring the dark side of the light.

Once again, we thank our readers, our contributors, our benefactors, and all of you who share in our joy in creating and sharing Panoply

Issue 7 will arrive in the fall, un-themed. Look for that Call for Submissions to open in late June. And don’t forget we’re now reviewing chapbooks, with our first review nearly secured for later this month. In the meantime, take a breath, take a walk, soak up a little Vitamin D. Happy reading.

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Best wishes,

Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn
Editors, Panoply


Anoesis – John C. Mannone
April Morning – Virginia Barrett
Arrival – Robert Miltner
As the Parking Lots Lights Flicker – Ki Russell
August – William Blome
Blackbird: Watcher in the Desert – Delores Merrill
Blown Away – Joan McNerney
By the Light of Dawn – Natalie Crick
Chasing Pictograms – Richard King Perkins II
Covered – Sarah Clauson
Daffodils for Papa – Mikaela Curry
Dawn – Sarah Snyder
day – light savings – Ren Weber
Day/ Breaks – Julie Naslund
December Daylight – Patricia Nelson
Desert Wild Flowers – Mike Beck
devil as night / god as day Kris Tammer
Glance – Barbara Lawhorn
Gulls – J. Thomas Burke
Harbinger – Jenifer DeBellis
Heliotrope – Cathryn Essinger
In a Winter Window – Susan Huebner
It’s Like This – Ivy Page
Joy – Jenny Benjamin
Keske XIV – Jennifer A. Reimer
A Lace Stone Wall at Randall’s Ordinary – Eleanor Kedney
Little Birds – Lauren Scharhag
Marriage – Michael Blaine
Morning – Aaron Dargis
Morning – K. Carlton Johnson
Morning in the North Country – Tom Montag
Nankoweap – Rick Kempa
Natural Light – Neil Leadbeater
New Year’s Day Miscalculation – Lynn Houston
Northwest Winter Day – Joan Moritz
On the Funeral of a Rice Farmer – Ryan Thorpe
Once Planed Straight – Steve Gerson
One Memory I Had of Summer – Gina Ferrara
Past Noon – Ann Howells
Patterns of Intimacy – Heather Gemmen Wilson
Phengophilia – Michael Estabrook
Photo of Mom on the Beach 1950 – Kathleen Strafford
Poems – Lola Haskins
The Position of the Sun – Sabrina Hicks
Rain Delay – Early Innings – Bruce Robinson
Self-Portrait – Kirsten Hemmy
A Shaft of Sunlight – Patrick Dixon
Silly Drunk Mentioning – Kristin Fullerton
Soham – Lloyd Milburn
Sunken Ships on Fire – Devon Balwit
Sunrise on Llŷn – Aziz Dixon
Synthesis – Carol Berg
The Third Wish: New Dawn – Rachel Dacus
This Morning – Steve Klepetar
This World’s Light – Lois Harrod
Thursdays, 4-7 – Mercedes Lawry
Venusian Engagement – Rachel Reese
vulture sets the world ablaze – Sanjida Yasmin
Wedding Portraits – Diane Kendig
Welcome – Mary Ellen Talley

Panoply Editors in Action

Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn had a ball at Say the Word in Niceville, FL, joining our gracious hosts Sarah Clauson and Rachel Reese, along with a wide array of talented poets for a night of joy, good cheer, observation, and speaking out. What a way to kick-off Poetry Month! Here we are just before the festivities began.


Ryn, Jeff, and Andrea at Say the Word in Niceville, FL

Again, we thank those who have donated to our financial cause:

  • Tobi Alfier
  • William Blome
  • Alan Harris
  • Sabrina Hicks
  • Carolyn Martin (twice!)
  • Tracy Mishkin
  • James Penha
  • Rachel Reese
  • Plus newcomers Eleanor Kedney, Bruce Robinson, and Alec Solomita

If you’d like to donate to our financial cause, feel free to use the PayPal link in the right margin.

We’re finishing up Issue 6, the “daylight” theme, which is due on or around May 5. See you then! Thanks for visiting Panoply!

Yours always,

Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn

We’ll Be Reviewing Chapbooks

Following requests from our readers, we’ve agreed to begin reviewing up to 3 chapbooks per year, beginning around early July. We’d be honored and pleased to review your work in some depth. Our specifications:

  • 1 review at a time
  • Likely timing for reviews to appear: March, July, November (These dates are at about the midpoint of our 3 issues each year.)
  • Your chapbook must be recently or imminently published, preferably within 30 days of the publication of our review.
  • We ask that qualifying chapbooks be sent to us with at least 30 days’ notice. For instance, we’d like to see chapbook MS for the early July publication around the end of May – beginning of June.
  • We will prepare a “full” review of about 500-750 words to appear on Panoply and to be promoted on our Facebook page. We will also write a “blurb,” which we ask to be included somewhere in your publication.
  • We will choose which chapbook MS to review and notify all submitters as promptly as possible. For the time being, we foresee a submission via Submittable, with some specific notation in the title of the submission that you’re submitting a chapbook MS. (Please do not submit until we firm this up. Feel free to inquire with a comment here. We will respond promptly.)
  • We’ll ask for a head shot, bio, and if available, cover art, to be included in our review.

With so much wonderful work out there, we look forward to making the tough choice of which chapbook to review each time and pledge to treat your work with the greatest care and respect.

By the way, don’t forget that Issue 6’s Call for Submissions is open now, closing April 2 at 11:59 pm US Central time. Our theme is “daylight.” Please consider submitting poetry and/or short prose related to this theme. For details, please visit: Panoply’s Submittable Page.

Thanks for thinking of Panoply,

Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn

Editors’ Choices, Feb 18-24, “Waking,” by Leigh Allen and “Van Gogh in Love,” by Ann Howells

Pressing on in attitude and behavior can be a supreme affirmation. Leigh Allen shows how with this weeks’ Editors’ Choice, Waking – Leigh Allen. To watch Leigh read her piece, please visit: Panoply’s Facebook Page.


Also enjoy our second Editors’ Choice for the week, Van Gogh in Love – Ann Howells, an amusing “look back” with Vincent in soliloquy or via a recently-discovered diary entry.

Ann Howells

For earlier Issue 5 Editors’ Choice, click here: Midnight Garden Walk, Key West – Katherine GekkerThe Merchant Marine’s Lover – Matthew SchmeerPunishment for Moral Deviation – Jude Marr  and Second Daughter Song – Jody Burke-Kaiser.

Issue 5, Winter, 2016/7


Photo by Andrea Walker

What a way to start 2017! We’re thrilled and honored to publish Issue 5 of Panoply, featuring works from 25 US States and 6 foreign countries. We hope you enjoy the variety once again, as Issue 5 includes poems about kissing, pregnancy, protests, politics, homages to artists and musicians, humor in many forms, recovery and redemption, some fascinating steps back in time, colorful character sketches, and more. There’s even a ditty about “breakfast cereal!” As usual, we thank our talented, visionary, and courageous contributors.

Remember that Issue 6 will be themed: Daylight. More on that as we move forward. In the meantime, enjoy Issue 5 with our compliments!

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May this year bring you joy, peace, wisdom, and good health!

Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn, Editors

Contents, Issue 5

After Her Father DiedMaria Pascualy
After Visiting the Lourdes of LebanonCW Emerson
The Alternative EndingCatharine Bramkamp
CatPaul Vaughan
Cheering the Ponies w/GodMike Jurkovic
The CondoPetrula Laudato
County FairJames Penha
Cry Havoc and Let SlipJennifer Highland
Discovery — 30th street, 2:56 PMBen Rader
Dog Day CigaretteAlec Solomita
Exploring the Mountain RangeMartin Willitts, Jr.
From the Back PorchSharon Scholl
The GuestRowena Cooper
Harbor MnemosyneCaroline Simpson
HereKendalyn McKisick
How to Keep Your Hungry Ghost FedC Derick Varn
I Just Got BackGeorgia Park
If I Had a Way…Ndaba Sibanda
If Maps Were HummingbirdsShankar Narayan
In Search of MeaningJan Wiezorek
Jackass Flats – Larisa Harriger
JaggedRobert Beveridge
JubileeDaniel Fitzpatrick
KissCarolyn Martin
Letter from the Great GrandchildrenKen Poyner
Life in the Past LaneAlan Harris
LurkLinda Bonafield
May 6, 988William Allegrezza, Garin Cycholl, Kirk Robinson
The Merchant Marine’s LoverMatthew Schmeer
Midnight Garden Walk, Key WestKatherine Gekker
Near the MineDustin Pickering
New York Love PoemDaryl Sznyter
Night Sitting Seth Jani
November NightsDeonte Osayande
Old PhotographsSteve Klepetar
Old Woman in a Dry SeasonClaire Scott
On the Inclines of a DuneThomas Erickson
Pregnancy PantoumKari Flickinger
Prometheus Charlotte Pocock
Punishment for Moral DeviationJude Marr
Raison d’Etre BranNick Romeo
RefusalSandra Kohler
Retire to the NetherlandsWilliam Auten
Rhetorical/WaitingNate Maxson
Second Daughter SongJody Burke-Kaiser
Sliver of SunlightLois Marie Harrod
Take TwoJim Ross
Teach Me to FloatAshanti Anderson
TechniqueDennis Caswell
Third Stool from the EndJB Mulligan
The Third TrimesterMinna Dubin
A Thousand Voices LongScott Wiggerman
Va cantandoSusanna Lang
Van Gogh in LoveAnn Howells
Waking Leigh Allen
What the Rain ForgotJames Walton
What We NeedLea Galanter
Your Inevitable GhostWilliam Doreski