Please do not submit previously published work. Simultaneous submissions are ok, but please let us know promptly if your work has been accepted elsewhere.  We generally do not notify submitters until after the submission period has closed and all pieces have been reviewed. Submit one MS WORD document in .doc or .docx with each piece beginning on a new page. Do not include your name or any other identifying information. Instead, submit a separate cover page with your contact information, the name(s) of the piece(s), and a biography of 60 words or less. Please use a popular font such as Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman, 12 point. We prefer single-spaced formats, except when double spacing is a deliberate part of the layout. Hard copy will not be accepted and will be destroyed. We adhere strictly to our deadline (US Central time zone). Any submissions received after 11:59 pm of the closing date for the Call will be automatically rolled into the next submission period for consideration. Thanks for thinking of

Final Days to Submit for Issue 20!


We know you can do it. We know you want to do it. And you know we want you to do it. Submit now to Panoply for Issue 20. Through 28 November; prose <=500 words and poetry. No theme/no fee. Panoply has been read in over 160 countries. We nominate for the Pushcart Prize. Our contributors have hailed from 49 US states and 38 foreign countries, ranging from debut voices to Pushcart and Pulitzer Prized nominees. We’d love to read your work! Please see the guidelines here and on our Submittable page. Thanks for thinking of Panoply.

Proud to Announce Our 2021 Nominations for the Pushcart Prize!

Such a pleasurable experience! As editors, we enjoy reading thousands of pieces each year, coming from all walks of life, all corners of the Earth. Some seem a bit “extraterrestrial!” To compile our issues, then make our 5-6 Editors’ Choices per issue is quite a stimulation and challenge. Then to reduce them to nominees for this prestigious prize is chilling and memorable.

We hope you find the reading just as chilling and memorable. Please join us in congratulating our nominees.

Love and best wishes,

Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn, Editors

but i am only fiercely dreaming – Perla Kantarjian

Perla Kantarjian 2021

The Juiciest Pear – Issa M. Lewis

Issa Lewis

Or Rather There Are No Lines in the Time – Jonathan Yungkans

Jon Yungkans

Questioners – Abdulrosheed Fasasi

Abdulrosheed Fasasi

Silence – Pete Mackey


The Stables on Solly Avenue – Mary Rohrer-Dann

Mary Rohrer-Dann

Editors’ Choice, October 24-30, “Damaged Lily,” by Morgan Boyer

“A spirit with a body,” insists Morgan Boyer in this aspirational piece. Enjoy!


Never will my chest not sport
a one-inch scar where there was
a port that attached to my veins
and opened the floodgates

My shoulder will always
have a pencil-long pinkish mark
on my pale skin where
they excavated a lymph node

My body will be a lily
with a plucked petal
and a thinning stem

Morgan BoyerMorgan Boyer is a Carlow University alumni and author of The Serotonin Cradle (Finishing Line Press, 2018). Boyer has been published in the Pittsburgh City Paper, Rune, Underwood Press and the Critical Point.





To see more Editors’ Choices, please visit:
Questioners – Abdulrosheed Fasasi
Or Rather There Are No Lines in the Time – Jonathan Yungkans
A Grown City – Purbasha Roy
The Stables on Solly Avenue – Mary Rohrer-Dann

“Representative Contributors,” Panoply Style

Some pubs list “representative contributors” in an effort to guide potential submitters to taste, quality, etc. That’s typically helpful as direction. At Panoply, we purposely, as part of our mission, read “identity hidden.” We’ve been blessed by a spectrum of fine writing from debut voices to the widely acclaimed. Quite rewarding.

As editors, we realize that in some cases, Panoply is the first rung of the ladder of success. Likewise, it’s become a forum for some whose work has already been heralded by pubs with attractive and well-earned reputations. Great for all! We’ve learned that this artistic world cannot exist without a de facto hierarchy. We’ve become quite ambivalent, though comfortable with whatever psychic space we’ve carved out.

So, instead of a list of “representative contributors,” here’s a full list of our contributors over the past 6+ years and 19 issues! The issue number(s) is/are listed beside each contributor’s name. By our bleary-eyed count, Issue 19 brought our running total to 786. That’s a lot love! Coming and going.

Panoply Contributors


Sophie Aay 17

Hal Ackerman 8

Gale Acuff 12

Carolyn Adams 14

Paul David Adkins 2

Hannah A’Enene 8

David Aghram 10

Ed Ahern 13

Liz Ahl 2,3

Tobi Alfier 3,7,10,16

M. Ait Ali 16

Thomas Allbaugh 19

Joel Allegretti 1

William Allegrezza (with G Cycholl and K Robinson) 5

Blaise Allen 13

Dee Allen 12

Kelli Allen 3,17

Leigh Allen 5,11

Kathryn Almy 11

Joe Amaral 8

Frances An 11

Ashanti Anderson 5

Hugh Anderson 14,15,17

Marie Anderson 7

Patricia Anderson 7

Susan Kay Anderson 13,18

Rha Arayal 17

Judith Arcana 10

Joseph E. Arechavala 17

Glen Armstrong 1

Mikki Aronoff 18

Rebecca Aronson 2

Catherine Arra 12,17

Ellen Austin-Li 12

William Auten 5


Frank Babcock 8,16

Christy Bailes 14

Leah Baker 10

KB Ballentine 3,4

Devon Balwit 6,7,8

Sekhar Banerjee 17

David Bankson 10

Evgenia Jen Baranova 9

Virginia Barrett 6

Susan Barry-Schultz 15

Sambhranta Bashy 16

Amy Baskin 3,4

Aileen Bassis 15

Ian Be 9

Gary Beck 3

Mike Beck 1,3,6

Kimberly Becker 12

Lana Bella 4

Jenny Benjamin 6

Jacob Bennett 14

Blake Benson 7

Wayne-Daniel Berard 13

Maria Berardi 14

Carol Berg 6

Robert Beveridge 3,5,7,19

Guy Biederman 7

Bingh 11

Sheila Black 13

Patricia Black-Gould 10

Henry Bladon 15

Michael Blaine 6

Travis Blair 1

David Blanton 3

Larry Blazek 3

Lisa Bledsoe 19

Mark Blickley 15

William Blome 6

Jane Blue 3

Maggie Boals 7

Ace Boggess 4,14

Leonardo Boix 7,8

Emma Bolden 2

Doug Bolling 14

Bobby Bolt 4

Sean Bolton 14

Linda Bonafield 5

Jota Boombaba 1

Carl Boon 7,12

Jacob Borchardt 10

Gudrun Bortman 9

Virginia Boudreau 7

Beau Boudreaux 4,8

Morgan Boyer 19

Kathleen Boyle 4

Ann Bracken 4

Elya Braden 16

Jennifer Bradpiece 14

Catharine Bramkamp 5

Aaron Brame 11

Karen Braucher 1

Ron Bremner 3,4

Terry Brix 7

Michael Brockley 1

Kevin Brown 8

Ingrid Bruck 2

Tina Bubonovich 7

Mary Buchinger 7

Ron Burch 9

j. Thomas Burke 6

Jody Burke-Kaiser 5

Tony Burnett 1,8,12

Jeff Burt 9

Jacob Butlett 8,10,14

Raymond Byrnes 10,14

Lauire Byro 4


Cheryl Caesar 12

Allison Campbell 10

Lorraine Caputo 12,19

Kate Carey 3

Anthony Carl 7

Patricia Carragon 4,12,13

Anne Casey 11

Kevin Casey 1

Sam Casey 3

Pratibha Castle 18

R.T. Castleberry 14

Dennis Caswell 5

Yu-Han Chao 7

Carol Flake Chapman 11

Con Chapman 10

Rita Chapman 14

Chuka Susan Chesney 15

Michael Chin 3

Sudanshu Chopra 15

Nick Christian 4

Sandra Cimadori 17

Ann Clark 1

Ryan Clark 7

SE Clark 12

Joanne Clarkson 17

Sarah Clauson 6

David Colodney 8

Gail Comorat 11

Brendan Connolly 12

Sandy Coomer 14

Michael Cooper 8

Rowena Cooper 5

Gemma Cooper-Novack 14

Ion Corcos 7,8

Nancy Correro 3

Brett Cortelleti 7

Angela Costi 14

Jill Crainshaw 4

Barbara Crane 13

Sara Crawford 2

C.B. Crenshaw 17

Natalie Crick 6

Gage Crowder 13

Gareth Culshaw 4,8
Shelby Curran 7

Mikaela Curry 6

Garin Cycoll (with W Allegrezza and K Robinson) 5


Rachel Dacus 4,6,9

Ciara Dall 12

Barbara Daniels 14

Aaron Dargis 2,4,6

Carol V. Davis 9

John Davis 4

Lauren Davis 9,12

Margo Davis 19

Deborah L. Davitt 7

Jenifer DeBellis 6

Lawdenmarc Decamora 7

Thomas Dedola 11

Lois Roma Deeley 9

Ysabel de la Rosa 18

Carol Deering 10

Ginger Dehlinger 12

Lenny DellaRocca 13,14,17,19

Julie DeMarko 2

Anthony Dennis 14

Steve Deutsch 11

Sandy Deutscher 15

Nancy Devine 2

RC DeWinter 12

James Diaz 14

Makenna Dillon 17

Diana Dinverno 17

Daniel Dissinger 10

Aziz Dixon 6

Cat Dixon 9

Patrick Dixon 6

Jodi Sh. Doff 7

Diana Donovan 13

William Doreski 5,9,15

Jennifer Dotson 7

Morrow Dowdle 9

Jeannette Drake 1,2

Matt Dube 7

Minna Dubin 5

Steven Deutsch 16

Brigidh Duffey 16

Kelly DuMar 17

Christopher Dungey 3

Iris Jamahl Dunkle 4

Baisalli Chatterjee Dutt 7

Moinak Dutta 17


Sara Eddy 4

Rosanne Ehrlich 7,18

Carol Ellis 4,19

Neil Ellman 4

Bonnie Jill Emanuel 18

Jason Emde 13

CW Emerson 5

Sarah Endo 3

Robert Klein Engler 8

Thomas Erickson 5

Catherine Essinger 6

Michael Estabrook 6,18

Jill Evans 4


Brian Fanelli 12

Alexix Rhone Fancher 18

Abdulrosheed Fasasi 19

Laiba Fatima 13

Jimmy Fay 16

Jack Feerick 7

Susan Feathers 1

Tova Feldmanstern 13

Christian Fennell 12

Bridget Fertal 8

Gina Ferrara 6

Scott Ferry 16

Irene Fick 8,10,11,16

Maureen Fielding 2

Meg Files 10

Robert Filos 4

Craig Finlay 12

Dennis Finnell 14

Joel Fishbane 16

David Fitzpatrick 5

Neil Flatman 11

Jeff Fleischer 2

Kari Flickinger 5

Roberto Carcache Flores 1

Laura Foley 7,13

Marianne Forman 18

Sophie Foster 16

Blake Francis 14

George Franklin 14,17,19

Joanne Kennedy Frazer 4

Matthew James Friday 14

Gerald Friedman 16

Greg Friedmann 14

Molly Fuller

Kristin Fullerton 6,16

Joanne Furio 13

Andrew Furst 12


Alexandra Gaines 8

Lea Galanter 5

Cynthia Gallaher 15

Robert Rene Galvan 14

Ian Ganassi 14

Alan Gann 1,3,7,16

Brad Garber 11

Bill Garten 8

Emily Gates 8

DG Geis 3

Katherine Gekker 5

Julian George 16

Karen George 15,18

Steve Gerson 6,7,8,9,13,15,16

Sam Gilpin 9

Henry Giovannetti 9

Alan Girling 8

Gary Glauber 4,12

Tony Gloeggler, 17
Howie Good 4,8,10,14

Peter Goodwin 4

Beth Gordon 7

Ken Gosse 12

Robin Gow 7

Diane Gottlieb 8

Seth Grindstaff 13

Tyler Greene 8

Dave Gregory 16

John Grey 3,7,8,9,14,19

Laura Maria Grierson 9

Michael Griffith 16

Gabrielle Grilli 16

Stephen Ground 14,17

Nitya Gupta 14


Rasma Haidri

Mark Hammerschick 16

Michael Wayne Hampton 4

Charlotte Hamrick 12

Pat Hanahoe-Dosch 11

Soramimi Hanarejima 7

Pauletta Hansel 19

Twyla Hansen 3

Jeff Hardin 12

Joseph Hardy 17

Larisa Harriger 5

Alan Harris 5

David M. Harris 9

Neil Harrison 11

Lois Marie Harrod 3,5,6,12

Michelle Hartman 1,2,7

Stephanie L. Harper 8,11,13,17

John Hart 19

Lola Haskins 6

Tim Hawkins 14

G. Louis Heath 7

Mark Heathcote 15

Lindsey Heatherly 15

Max Heinegg 10,12,13,14,16,19

Kirsten Hemmy 6

Carol Henrikson 9

Sabrina Hicks 6

Anne Higgins 8

Jennifer Highland 5

Mary Beth Hines 19

Bob Hoeppner 13

Katie Hoerth 13

Robert Hoffman 7

Kathleen Hogan 13

Susan Holck 8

Amy Holman 1

Celia Homesley 1

Kelsey Hontz 17

Laura L. Mays Hoopes 8

Akua Lezli Hope 19

Stephen House 13

Lynn Houston 6

Juleigh Howard-Hobson 4

Leigh Holland 9

Ann Howells 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,16,17

Martin Hopson 7

Susan Huebner 6

Naomi Hurley 17

Zack Hutchinson 13

Jessica Hylton 4


Rachel Inberg 8


Michael Jackman 2

Emily Jacko 17

James Croal Jackson 8

Anne James 2

Dirk James 4

Seth Jani 4,5

Marc Janssen 17

Nancy Jentsch 4,12,16

C. Carlton Johnson 6

Erika Noel Johnson 13

Laura Johnson 13

Michael Lee Johnson 1

Stephanie R. Johnson 1

Emma Johnson-Rivard 12

Alexander Jones 7

Jonathan Jones 7

Paul Jones 17

Strider Marcus Jones 1

Lauren Jonik 2

Kathryn Jordan 14

Jacqueline Jules 7

Mike Jurkovic 2,4,5,7,8,12,17


Tim Kahl 7

Martha Kalin 11

Babo Kamel 19

Sneha Subramanian Kanta 9

Perla Kantarjian 17,18

Isabella Colalillo Katz 7

Paula Kaufman 12

Eleanor Kedney 6

Sean Kelbley 17

Charles Kell 7

Gerald Kells 14

Mallory Kellum 17

Rick Kempa 6

Diane Kendig 6

Linda Kennedy 11

Travis Kennedy 7

Joseph Kerschbaum 3,17

Mark Kerstetter 10

Hari Bhajan Khalsa 16

Sabina Khan-Ibarra 16

Aris Kian 13

Jessica Kidd 1

Olivia Kiers 10

Gena Killion 16

Kalehua Kim 9

Stacie Kiner 17

Steve Klepetar 1,5,6,14,19

Kyla Klugow 3

Tricia Knoll 9

Philip Kobylarz 13

Sandra Kohler 5

Laurie Kolp 3,4

Edward Kos 16

Dorian Kotsiopoulos 15

Frances Koziar 13

Mary Anna Kruch 16,19

Andrew Kruse-Ross 7

Angela Kubinec 9

Kristian Kuhn 7

Tomas Kurth 9

Dorian Kuxhouse 8


Arlyn LaBelle 13

Kate LaDew 13,17

Andrew LaFleche 16

Tom Laichas 9

Susanna Lang 5

Gabrielle Langley 4,11,18

Ali Lanzetta 9

Sheree LaPuma 17

Petrula Laudato 5

Virginia Laurie 17

Barbara Lawhorn 6

Kathleen A. Lawrence 8

Mercedes Lawry 1,6,8,10

Marie Lecrivain 1

Neil Ledbeater 6

Melissa Leighty 1

Chalres Leipart 7

Kendra Leonard 7

Mare Leonard 11

Mary Leonard 18

Leo Levinsky 13

Nancy Levinson 14

Issa M. Lewis 10,17,18

Marsha Lewis 17

Laurinda Lind 10

Tee Linden 8

Sandra Lindow 8

Angela Lindseth 3

Paulie Lipman 10

Matthew Lippman 1

Pierce Lockett 3

David Lohrey 12

Emalee Long 16

Kate E Lore 2

LindaAnn LoSchiavo 12

Corbin Louis 14

Paul Lubenkov 7

Ailin Luca 9

Gary Lundy 3

Chad W. Lutz 13

Marianne Lyon 16


Rebecca Macijeski 12

Jack Mackey 16

Pete Mackey 18

Greg Maddigan 13

Mark Madigan 16,18

Kelsey Maki 7

Eileen Malone 7

Jennifer Maloney 13,18

Giovanni Mangiante 14

John C. Mannone 6

Mark Mansfield 8

DS Maolalai 14

Ginger Marcinowski 4

Jayne Marek 3

Brandon Marlon 4

Christie Marra 13

Robert Manaster 9

Karen Mandell 15

Jude Marr 5,8

Betsy Mars 12,14,15

Ray Marsocci 8

Carolyn Martin 4,5,8

Clare Massey 14

Ben Mast 16

Nate Maxson 5,10,19

Joan Mazza 8

Darla McBryde 3

Nicole McCaffety 13

Janet McCann 2

Charles McCaskill 8

Kathleen McClung 4

Ed McCourt 8

John McCracken 7

Thomas McDade 7

John McDonough 12

Victoria McGrath 11

Katie Mcilroy 17

Cole McInerney 19

Mary McKeel 7

Kendalyn McKisick 5

Colton McLaughlin 8

Linda McMullen 8

Nathan McMullen 17

Joan McNerney 6

Bruce McRae 12

Stephen Mead 3

Jessica Mehta 7

Ken Meisel 4

Scott Melville 3

Alexander Menachem 8

Megan Merchant 9,14

Karla Linn Merrifield 14,15,18

Delores Merrill 6

SB Merrow 10,19

Bruce Meyer 17

Ann Mikusinski 13

Lloyd Milburn 6

John Milkereit 17

James Miller 16

Sarah Mills 14

Robert Miltner 6

Michael Minassian 14,19

Elaine Mintzer 9

Michael Mira 8

Tracy Mishkin 2,3

Tom Montag 4,6

Judith Montgomery 9

Catherine Moore 7

Daniel Edward Moore 14,19

Karen McAferty Morris 4,11,13

Lois Morrison 7

Jan Moritz 6

Cameron Morse 7

Keith Moul 7,14

A Msou 15

Leah Mueller 9

Linda Johnston Muhlhausen 13

JB Mulligan 5

Traci Mullins 12

Sean Murphy 9

Carla Myers 11


Andy N 14

Elena Nailyevna 13

Shankar Narayan 5

Julie Naslund 6

Alexandra Naughton 14

Patricia Nelson 2,6,7,8,10,12,13

Martina Reisz Newberry 16

Bil Newby 8

Katherine Nelson-Born 18

Mike Nichols 17

Barbra Nightingale 19

Robert Nisbet 7,9,10,11,13,14,15,16,18,19

Gloria Nixon-John 11,12

Rollo Nye 4


Dorene O’Brien 1

Sarah O’Brien 3

Toti O’Brien 3,8

Stephen O’Donnell 7

Uche Ogbuji 3

John O’Hare 14

Amy O’Hearn 13

Robert Okaji 3,4,8, 11,14,17

Kristen Olsen 7

Andy Oram 13

Deonte Osayande 5,14


Ivy Page 6

Carl “Papa” Palmer 8

Victor Pambuccian 16

Darwin Pappas-Fernandes 12

Georgia Park 5

Tobi Park 4

Scott F. Parker 10

Alan Parry 13

Maria Pascualy 5

Daniel Paton 16

Mandira Pattnaik 15

Dawn Paul 4

Faith Paulsen 19

Jared Pearce 7,14

Ann Pedone 16

James Penha 3.5

Robert L. Penick 8,13

Jonathan Andrew Perez 10

Richard King Perkins II 4,6,8

Paula Persoleo 8

Nektaria Petrou 7

Elian Petrova 1,2

Dustin Pickering 5

Timothy Pilgrim 13

Kenneth Pobo 1

Sarah Pobuda 16

Charlotte Pocock 5

Mzwandile Poncana 13

Britton Pontoux 18

Adrian Potter 4,12,13

Ken Poyner 5


Barbara Quick 3


Brittani Rable 10

Ben Rader 5

Claudia Radmore 7

Pavle Radonic 15

Janelle Rainer 1

Michele Randall 16

Patrick T. Reardon 16

Dennis Reavis 7

Remi Recchia 13

Niles Reddick 12

Rachel Reese 6

Steven Reese 7

William Reichard 8

Lisa Reily 8

Jennifer A. Reimer 6

Rich Renner 15

John Repp 7

G. Emil Reutter 7

Paul Reyns 9

Christine Rhein 15

Robert Rickelman 13

Cindy Rickey 1

Kevin Ridgeway 16

Brian Rihlmann 15

John Riley 19

Kolbe Riney 17

Kevin RIppin 9

Cinthia Ritchie 3

Jack Ritter 11,16

K Roberts 16

Stephanie Roberts 10

Bruce Robinson 6,9,10,14

Kirk Robinson (with W Allegrezza and G Cycholl) 5

Mary Rohrer-Dann 19

Casey Roland 16

Nick Romeo 2,3,5,7,13

M.S. Rooney 4,11

Jenny Root 1

AM Roselli 7,11

Jo-Anne Rosen 3

Eva Rosenn 11

Jim Ross 5,15

Laura Sobbott Ross 1,2

Hannah Rousselot 8

Mary Rowin 4

Russell Rowland 14

Purbasha Roy

Walter Ruhlmann 2

Ki Russell 6

Gianna Russo 10


Thomas Sabel 1

Pablo Saborio 14

Monique St. Pierre 14

Jen Sage-Robison 8

Hilary Sallick 19

Ellen Sander 12

Shawn Aveningo Sanders 9

Gianna Sannipoli 13

Rikki Santer 13

Cliff Saunders 14

Peter Scacco 10,12

Lauren Scharhag 6,13

Sue Scavo 8

Brooke Schifano 12

Matthew Schmeer 5

Sharon Scholl 3,5,14

Penelope Schott 4,12,14

Roberta Schultz 16,19

Carla Schwartz 3,8

Claire Scott 5,7

Lynn Scozzari 3

Jan Seagrave 19

Christine Seifert 7

Zvi Sesling 17

Sean Sexton 18

Terry Severhill 4

Hibah Shabkhez 15

Jacquelyn Shah 12

Lynne Shapiro 4

Syd Shaw 16

Caroline Shea 1

Jake Sheff 3

Emman Usman Shehu 8

Lucas Shepherd 13

Beth Sherman 3

Ndaba Sibanda 5

Tyler Simnick 10

John Oliver Simon 1

Caroline Simpson 5

Jaelyn Singleton 17

Annette Sisson 18

Andrew Slugantz 10

Alan C. Smith 14,15

Bella Smith 7

Jenn Lee Smith 2

Michael Dwayne Smith 4,9

Sarah Dickenson Snyder 6,10

Sandra Soli 1

Alec Solomita 5,13

Jessica Sommerfeldt 13

Susan Sonde 19

Dana Sonnenschein 19

CL Sostarich 12

Anusha Srinivasan 7

Michael Steffen 19

Carol Stewart 13

Samn Stockwell 10,15,19

Christopher Stolle 8

Kathleen Strafford 6

Liam Strong 13

George Such 8

David Allen Sullivan 9

Andrew Sunshine 14

Jakub Svanda 17

David Swerdlow 12

Eliana Swerdlow 12

Daryl Sznyter 5,7


Pia Taavila-Borsheim 3

Mary Ellen Talley 6

Ana M. Fores Tamayo 16

Kris Tammer 6

Leonard Temme 17

Susan Tepper 13,15

Taunja Thomson 3

Ryan Thorpe 6

Billy Thrasher 12

Lily Tice 7

Kevin Tillotson 3

Nancy Tingley 8

Edinson Shane Tolley 4

John J. Trause 3

Jonathan Travelstead 1

Disha Trivedi 14

Jennifer Truett 7,9

Gary Twynam 7


Sean Urbina 14


Sarah Valeika 14

Cleo-Paulo Valentino 17

Holly Van Hare 15

Michael VanCalbergh 8

Carter Vance 17

C Derick Varn 5

Paul Vaughan 5

Sylvia Riojas Vaughn 1,3

Dianalee Velie 11

Wendy Vergoz 11

Sherre Vernon 16

Alicia Viguer-Espert 16

Emily VIzzo 10

Sally Vogl 16

Jeremy Voigt

Laura Voivodeship 12


Michele Waering 15

Vivian Wagner 14,15

Patricia Walsh 14

James Walton 5,19

Christopher Wang 11

Julia Watson 17

Vaness Watters 18

Phyllis Wax 3

Roz Weaver 15

Adam Webb 14

Ren Weber 3,6

Logo Wei 10

Angela Weiser 15

Hilda Weiss 13

Lenore Weiss 4

Sarah Brown Weitzman 4,8,13

William Wells 9

Stephen Scott Whitaker 10,16

Madison White 7

Anne Whitehouse 7

Jennifer Wholey 10

Jan Wiezorek 5

Scott Wiggerman 5,16

Megan Wildhood 14

Tom Willemain 14

Joshua Eric Willams 1,2

Kimberly Williams 2,15

Martin Willits, Jr 3,4,5

Christopher Wilson 14

Heather Gemmen Wilson 6

Anna Winham 15

Laryssa Wirstiuk 1

Christy Wise 11

Laura Madeline Wiseman 2,8

Linda Wisniewski 19

Francine Witte 10,12,17

Maddie Woda 7

S.J. Wojo 8

Warren Woods 15

Chila Woychik 8

Kimberly Wright 12

Robin Wright 10,12

Sherri Wright 3,7,8,13

Robert Wynne 1



Brenda Yates 10

Judith Horowitz Yamamoto 4

Sanjida Yasmin 6

Marc Youssef 12

Jonathan Yungkans 13,14,18,19


Vassilis Zambaras 14

Banoo Zan 2

Sally Zakariya 3,7

Alicja Zapalska 7

RM Zaner 2

Andrena Zawinski 3

Thomas Zimmerman 12

Jim Zola 7

Issue 19, Summer 2021

Panoply Issue 19 Masthead

Photo by Ryn Holmes, Copyright 2021.

Welcome to Issue 19! We’re pleased to bring you more of the contemplations, wonders, journeys, and time travels of our fine contributors. This summer has been one of tumult and disruption for us here at Panoply, but our submitters’ dedication to the craft buoys us. We hope it propels you into a fine autumn! Stay safe and healthy, everyone.


Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn, Editors


Advice to a Wayward Girl – Barbra Nightingale
The Awakening of Hula – Lisa Creech Bledsoe
Bluegrass Baby – Mary Beth Hines
Breathe – Nate Maxson
Buttermilk and Popcorn – Carol Ellis
Class of Rebels – Linda C. Wisniewski
Cross Chest Carry – Roberta Schultz
Damaged Lily – Morgan Boyer
Evening With Lines From Whitman – Hilary Sallick
Every Condo in Toronto – Cole McInerney
For the First Time in 200 Years, a New Blue Pigment is Up for Sale – Lenny DellaRocca
A Grown City – Purbasha Roy
How the Light Escapes Us – Thomas Allbaugh
I Miss Philadelphia – Robert Beveridge
I Wish I Understood Love  George Franklin
In the Blood – Michael Minassian
The Lost Hotel – Steve Klepetar
Meeting the Dire Wolf – Dana Sonnenschein
Night, Old Poet – John Riley
November –John Hart
Now, Then, Later – Margo Davis
Or Rather There Are No Lines in the Time – Jonathan Yungkans
Out of the Park – Daniel Edward Moore
Questioners – Abdulrosheed Fasasi
The Ranger – Robert Nisbet
Requiem for Twenty-Twenty – S.B. Merrow
Saturday – Michael Steffen
Sick of Love – John Grey
Spy Story – James Walton
The Stables on Solly Avenue – Mary Rohrer-Dann
Take Shelter – Akua Lezli Hope
That’s where it ends, the book – Samn Stockwell
Those big-boned, black-haired country boys – Pauletta Hansel
Towards a Nebulous Sun – Lorraine Caputo
A Tragedy’s Brewing – Susan Sonde
Two Girls From Queens Go To Manhattan – Faith Paulsen
Uncharted – Jan Seagrave
The Vulture – Max Heinegg
We Didn’t Cross the Ocean – Mary Anna Scenga Kruch
You ache for something you cannot name – Babo Kamel

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Issue 18, Feast-Themed Contest, Spring-Summer, 2021

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In this semi-post-Covid world, we’re pleased to share the results of our second biennial contest! Our theme was “Feast,” with a lovely and energizing variety of facets to that stone. Remarkably, on this comparatively short list of pieces, we have two dealing with Russian culture. We’re also pleased to share a piece of bona fide cowboy poetry from a bona fide cowboy poet! Pardon the disproportionate sidebar, but we encourage you to explore cowboy poetry. You might be surprised by the craft but also by the voice, perspective, and subject matter. Whatever your taste, we hope you enjoy Issue 18! We extend our heartiest thanks to all submitters and contributors and especially shout out to our contest winners, Pete Mackey, Issa M. Lewis, and Gabrielle Langley.

Issue 19 is planned for early September, with our Call for Submissions due out July-ish. Don’t forget about our weekly Editors’ Choice videos, the first of which is planned for May 21.

Stay healthy. Keep reading and writing!

All our love,
Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn, Editors


Contest Winners
First Place: Silence – Pete Mackey
Second Place (tie): The Juiciest Pear – Issa M. Lewis and Russian Novel – Gabrielle Langley

Additional Pieces
The Bells of St. Mary’s – Mark Madigan
Beside – Susan Kay Anderson
Bubbe and the Snow Maiden, Vitebsk, 1903 – Mikki Aronoff
A Celtic Spell – Pratibha Castle
Dinner Parties – Rosanne Ehrlich
Eating the Heifer – Sean Sexton
The Eternal Mother – Vanessa Watters
Fat Family – Robert Nisbet
Fire and Ice – Alexis Rhone Fancher
First Holy Communion – Mary Leonard
Georgia O’Keeffe’s Summer Days, 1936 – Karen George
In My Mother’s Kitchen – Marianne Forman
Like Fingers – Britton Pontoux
My Blue Heaven – Katherine Nelson-Born
November Seeds – Karla Linn Merrifield
sacrificed into residue – Perla Kantarjian
Safe House – Ysabel de la Rosa
Silver Links – Annette Sisson
Stalk Talk – Jennifer Maloney
We All Bought Tickets to the Allusion – Jonathan Yungkans
Why I Leave the States – Bonnie Jill Emanuel


Review of “Mr. Rogers Kills Fruit Flies,” by Scott Ferry

156317865_3044405892462488_6755839660944539326_n-2Scott Ferry

Mr. Rogers Kills Fruit Flies by Scott Ferry
ISBN 978-1-59948-825-7
Main Street Rag Publishing Company
53 pages

Review written by Andrea Walker, February 2021

A surprising journey awaits the reader in Scott Ferry’s latest chapbook Mr. Rogers Kills Fruit Flies. This thirty-seven poem collection is chock full of surprises. From the beginning, even the titles evoke curiosity.

The first of three sections is a dramatis personae of ten famous people, with most of whom the reader will be familiar. In addition to Mr. Rogers, this cast of characters, each with his or her own poem, includes Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Jane Goodall, Jacques Cousteau, and John Muir. The titles cast each character in a role that appears, like Mr. Rogers, outside that character’s purview. The speaker of each poem tries to make sense of what is happening, for example, when in “John Muir sprains his ankle,” the speaker is thankful he did not injure himself when he fell just down the path from his cabin. Muir/the speaker goes on to muse about understanding

agony, seeing many thousands slaughtered by this
country tearing at itself, not civil at all.

This poem is rich in the imagery, like “elderberry, wild cherry,” and listening to “the ferns reach to the light,” a reader will associate with the man who is also known as “Father of National Parks” Ferry makes keen comparisons of sorrow and joy with frequent use of juxtaposition of unlikely circumstances.

The second section entitled “How to cross eyelid bridge” and containing a poem of the same name is subtitled “Titles of children’s books that will never be written.” Having little to do with children’s books, hence they will never be written, but plenty to do with children with some poems with children as speakers, for example, “The game of erasing yelling.” This poem meaningfully narrates how young siblings negotiate overhearing their parents argue downstairs:

And M said, un-speaking that we should make Jello
and rejoice for pineapple! And I un-replied
that the merpeople nap backwards. She agreed!

In “Talking to the gray woman behind the steeple,” the young speaker is skipping Sunday school and digging for coins left by children who buried them decades ago “behind the ivy bricks” when the ghost of a woman appears and speaks to him in Spanish.

And I can see her Sunday dress to her ankles,
can smell gardenias, can hold the sadness in my teeth.
I don’t know what she has lost, just that she is waiting. . .

The poet portrays a moving image of the child listening to the woman with compassion.

Other characters in this section are plants and insects, animals and organs, and even organisms. The poet reveals himself as a member of the medical profession with some of his language, for example, in “Holden’s cowheart boat” and “How to cross eyelid bridge” and an astute observer of nature, particularly in “Clockwise the sleeping octopus.”

The third and slightly longer section is called “Divination.” The poet defines the various types of prophecy with insightful examples. Arranged alphabetically, like a dictionary, the first is “Aichmomancy: by sharp objects” in which he addresses a fear of and fascination with

. . . the pin, the spear, the record needle
before it slices through dermis into adipose, into viscera?
(Or do I just remember it sinking deeper as a child)

In this poem the speaker looks back on childhood and appears to have reached a level of acceptance of things past. “Cleidomancy: by keys” begins with a somber tone by recalling locked items of the past like the locked safety deposit box of the speaker’s mother and his father’s storage locker with his army helmet. He then moves into the “stretching present,” a more lighthearted time of

daughter refusing all breakfast except Nutella, wife
slipping into sleep by the fire, surprise carne asada
for lunch. . .

One of the most touching is “Nephomancy: by clouds.” Memories of childhood dreams climbing to the clouds where the five-year-old could find quiet or solitude “or the best parts of the people I loved.” This one is divination at its finest.

In addition to celebrities and nonhuman characters, the book is peopled with children. A theme of time runs throughout with references to clocks and units of time from seconds to decades. Along with some serious issues, we discover a poet with a great sense of humor although often expressed in absurd situations. Mr. Rogers kills fruit flies will take the reader off the beaten path into a wonderful and mysterious world of insight and imagery.

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Issue 17 – Winter 2021

Issue 17 Masthead Photo

Artwork © Ryn Holmes, 2020

Wait, what? 2021?

Congratulations, you made it. But let’s not fool ourselves that a page-turning is alchemy …

No matter the date or circumstances, we love to bring you “a wide array of fine writing.” We do notice incidental motifs in our submissions. This time, it’s insects and long, winding sentences. Of course, there are plenty of other fine works of all types included!

As always, we thank our contributors for favoring us with their talents. (You’ll notice more than one debut writer this time!) And of course, we thank you, readers, for spending a little time here. We hope you continue to find this publication uplifting and enriching.

All our best for a fine year!

Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn, Editors

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