Editors’ Choice, Sept 16-22, “Lychee Martinis,” by Gabrielle Langley

Going to a cocktail party this weekend? Why not prepare with this finely crafted poem. While the drink slides down your tongue, feel the buzz of the poem in your head. A lot going on in this one. Enjoy. Lychee Martinis – Gabrielle Langley  To see and hear Gabrielle read her work, please visit our Facebook page, Panoply – Facebook. To see all of Issue 4, please visit: Issue 4, Summer-Autumn, 2016.

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Issue 4 is set for August 19. It’s another joy of riches and beauty for us. This time, we’re featuring a sestina, a pantoum, a sonnet, a “punk sonnet,” works by a middle schooler and 2 international contributors, poems featuring poets of yesteryear (Neruda, Rimbaud…), a fistful of humor, and other remarkable writing. We can hardly wait to share it with you!

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Six Questions for … Panoply

Thanks to Jim Harrington for featuring us in his blog, “Six Questions for…” We hope you find this interview illuminating and helpful. FYI, Jim does this weekly, so check his blog for similar interviews with other editors. What a great free service!

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