Who am I Today – by Steve Gerson

Yesterday I needed
to be strong a gull
flying against gale
headwinds buffeted
by wind shears grayness
graying in turbulence
she was hurting and
I needed/wanted to
be wings

Last week I was
weakened in the face of
24/7 scirocco newscasts
hurling blisters like
sandstorms arid epithets
of dissention divisiveness
and I leaned on her
she a palm tree rooted
in an oasis of heart

Last year amid viral
wasps stinging with
spores amid the contagion
of TikTok influencers
earworm drilling vlogging
blogging I was a reeling
tweetstorm a mental
hurricane of barometric

Tomorrow I’ll invent
my next self my next
sense of being needed
to confront the whatever
life invites a new
roiling endemic an
old familial relationship
requiring massaging
I’ll knead plead reseed

01/19/16 ©JCCCSteve Gerson writes poetry and flash about life’s dissonance. He’s proud to have published in Panoplyzine, Route 7, Poets Reading the News, Crack the Spine, the Decadent Review, Underwood Press, Dillydoun Review, In Parentheses, Vermilion, and more, plus his chapbooks Once Planed Straight: Poetry of the Prairies and Viral: Love and Losses in the Time of Insanity from Spartan Press.