spider-silk lacework – by Louise Kim

glory to who
is the most high—
to herald
a new era of
a new anew

{oil stains on silk:
holy oil for
special occasions}
sacrosanct ritual :
listen to
songs entertaining
the notion of love—
—swallow the sun
for a lick of the flame.
perfumed neck;
run under fingertips
threadbare delicacy.

glory is promised
to those who love it
to those who love for it——
god will kiss my tongue
and it will be like a flood

Louise KimLouise Kim is a Korean American student at the Horace Mann School in The Bronx, NY. Their writing has been published in a number of publications, including Brown Sugar Lit, Green Ink Poetry, Gypsophila Zine, The WEIGHT Journal, and Panoply Zine. Her work has been nationally recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.