Issue 22, Summer 2022

Copyright 2022 Ryn Holmes

Such a summer! Do you feel the Earth’s wobble around its axis these days? That centripetal force tugging on you? Same here.

We’re thankful that humanity continues to flourish with fine writing. We’re elated to share some with you. As we hurtle into autumn, hope fills our days, shorter as they trend.

As always, thank you for reading and supporting Panoply! To our contributors, we send our deep gratitude and admiration.


Andrea, Clara, Jeff, and Ryn, Editors


5/2by Scott Ferry
Agios Dimitriosby Gary Kaiser
An Accidental Appalachianby Bakul Banerjee
At the Whitman Show at the Morgan Library, July 2019by Julia Lisella
Bisbee Blueby Cal Freeman
Brancusi’s birds above Breckenridgeby Marcy Rae Henry
British Columbia Beach Walkby Isobel Cunningham
Carryallby Mary Alice Williams
Chemo Limpby Cameron Morse
Cirrus, Balsam, Jasper, Watchby Samn Stockwell
daughterby Lisa Reily
descriptorsby Lisa C. Krueger
Don’t Feed the Bearsby Don Noel
The Gatekeeper’s Correspondenceby James Walton
Going Down the Road*by Betsy Mars
Golden Observationby Thomas McDade
Great Blueby Bill Griffin
Hasteby Allan Peterson
Hollowed Bodiesby Tara Prakash
I Dreamed of Dolphinsby Marianne Tefft
Irish Exitby Steven Deutsch
Isn’t the Cat the Only Sensible Being in That Painting?by Hedy Habra
The Lady of Shalott’s in Hot Water Again*by Jonathan Yungkans
Last Trip to the Barberby Joy Gaines-Friedler
(Man)hattanby Denmark Laine
Nearby John Riley
The Night’s Unwilling to Explain: A Golden Shovelby LindaAnn LoSchiavo
The Old Cureby Joan Mazza
Once Upon a Thresholdby Sandi Stromberg
Police Call at Nightby Ann Howells
Revisiting the Bardo Museum in Tunisia 2019by Arturo Desimone
The Sage Says the Blueby Max Heinegg
Seeing Itby Robert Nisbet
Self Portraitby Bartholomew Barker
Seven Pieces of Advice for My Nieces, Post-Roe v. Wade – by Marie C. Lecrivain
Sex Shop Sestinaby Gene Twaronite
Shellfishby Diana Donovan
Shots Fired at Heckscher Parkby Emily-Sue Sloane
Some Dummy – by Allan Lake
SPF Infiniteby Lawrence Miles
spider-silk laceworkby Louise Kim
Stack Wood to Let the Air Inby John Hicks
Synesthesiaby Ann E. Wallace
Take Restby Mary Anna Scenga Kruch
Totemby Karen George
Vaporby David Colodney
War Anthemby Adele Evershed
Who am I Todayby Steve Gerson
Wolf Princeby Catherine Arra
Yosemiteby Roberta Schultz

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