Vapor – by David Colodney

In whose darkness do we sit
            poured out like scotch in a plastic cup?
You turn to vapor when the wind blows 

            tumbling like paper on pavement.

Just the ooze of a hum  & dimmed table lamps –
              a mirage of candles glows untrue.
Sam Cooke’s voice deafens the mumbles
              salving the silence between us.

You finger your wedding band
            rotating it like you were screwing it off.
You leave – papyrus outside swirls airborne.
            This darkness is ours.

David ColodneyDavid Colodney is the author of the chapbook, Mimeograph. His poetry has or will appear in journals including rust + moth, Panoply, South Carolina Review, and St. Petersburg Review. He holds an MFA from Converse College and serves as an associate editor of South Florida Poetry Journal. David lives in Boynton Beach, Florida.