another ode to the bees – by Chris Talbott

if you would, keep reminding us that making sweetness is only a question of watching the weather, of knowing in the ultraviolet, of dancing to let the others know where the sweetness is, of thinking as one & many, keeping the hive, & how the waxy hexagons hold up the larvae, hold in the sweetness, & how you respond to robberies by simply flying on, how you keep coming back to the hive after most of the bees have died of the usual mysterious causes, the pieces of the hive in their neatly painted boxes, stacked askew on the front porch


Chris Talbott has been writing poetry on & off for many years. After a career as a business writer, he worked at the non-profit Barre Center for Buddhist Studies for a decade. He continues his study & practice, along with writing poetry. His poems have appeared in Ruminate & The Bluebird Word.