Dream Within a Dream – by Frank Babcock

~like a sweet bird of youth in my soul~ Van Morrison

a dream I want to dream again
in southwest summertime when young
my soles on hot cement enduring heat
bare back collecting the zeal of the sun
like a cookie sheet

no plan this day this week nor next

responsibilities thin

and brothers to chase and tag out
at first and third as thick as thieves
dogs roam the bases freely

dirt clod wars resume after lunch
in the deep foundation trenches
for an apartment behind the alley

it’s the land of the free for a time
a modern Huck Finn fantasy
without old man river and Jim
it goes to say without a raft
nor the duke and dauphin

instead miles of pavement to explore
and the shade of jacaranda trees
yes, the tinkling shade of jacaranda trees

Frank BabcockFrank Babcock lives in Corvallis, Oregon and is a retired Albany middle school teacher and owner of a bamboo nursery. He writes poetry to share the strange but provocative thoughts that rattle around in his head and to get them off his mind. He works hard to get them just so. He started with an interest in the beatnik poets, Ferlinghetti and Ginsberg. He has a long way to go and much to write before he sleeps. Poems published in the local Advocate, Willawaw Journal, and Panoplyzine.