Please do not submit previously published work. Simultaneous submissions are ok, but please let us know promptly if your work has been accepted elsewhere.  We generally do not notify submitters until after the submission period has closed and all pieces have been reviewed. Submit one MS WORD document in .doc or .docx with each piece beginning on a new page. Do not include your name or any other identifying information. Instead, submit a separate cover page with your contact information, the name(s) of the piece(s), and a biography of 60 words or less. Please use a popular font such as Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman, 12 point. We prefer single-spaced formats, except when double spacing is a deliberate part of the layout. In order to heighten diversity, if your work has been published in Panoply in each of the last two issues, we ask that you take at least a one-issue hiatus before submitting again. Thank you! Hard copy will not be accepted and will be destroyed. We adhere strictly to our deadline (US Central time zone). Any submissions received after 11:59 pm of the closing date for the Call will be automatically rolled into the next submission period for consideration. Thanks for thinking of

20 thoughts on “Guidelines

  1. Hello. On Submittable, it says you are open for submissions until the 26th, but when I click the link, it says you are not open for submissions. Is there an error?


  2. I receive the security error on Mozilla Foxfire and Edge also.

    I do not have this problem with any other journal’s portal into Submittable. Could it be something on your or Submittable’s (specific to your portal into the system) end?


  3. Hi there! Found out about your journal from a Facebook group. I’d love to participate in your next submission period. Can you tell me when your winter edition will be open for submissions? Or, if possible, is there a mailing list I could be added to?

    Thanks for your help, in advance 🙂


    • Thanks for the note. Issue 20 is planned for just after New Year’s Day. You can follow the site and/or Like our FB page (Panoply). The Call will likely be during November, to be confirmed.


  4. Hello, How does one withdraw a piece on submittable? The only option I see is adding a note and I cannot find an email address. Thanks!


    • Hi Shana, thanks for the question. Others have mentioned this. One way is to reach out to us on Facebook (Panoply). Failing that, just mention it here. We’ll handle it. Congrats on your piece being accepted! Jeff Santosuosso


  5. Not finding any other way to notify you of this. (There is no Message prompt on Submittable). Why is that, I wonder? I occasionally encounter that with other publications. In any case, I am withdrawing my poem “abecedarian pomp & circumstance, circa 1987” as it has been accepted elsewhere.

    Thank you!

    Julie Allyn Johnson


      • OK, thx. FYI, we’re struggling a bit with Submittable, which keeps leaving our Call open when we intend to close it. We would typically open our Call for the May issue in March. We do read all submissions. However, we typically don’t start reading them until the Call has been deliberately opened. That means we will not read any submissions for another month at least. We know that’s a long interval, which we regret and never have intended. Just can’t seem to get Submittable to coordinate. Thanks for your patience and congrats on your continued success! Jeff

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  6. Dear Editors,
    Please withdraw “Fig Wasp” from consideration as it has been accepted elsewhere. I had previously withdrawn “The Sightings of Birds” as it has also been accepted elsewhere. I don’t see a record of that withdrawal, however, so am mentioning it again just in case. “Black Ice” is still available. I’m writing you here as submittable won’t allow my message to be sent.
    Grace Massey


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