Worker on a Rainy Saturday – by Mitch Roshannon

Clouds dark
An old bearded man
Equipped with beer-gut
And disinterested frown

Stands in the drizzle
Inspecting the hole in his duck suit.

Two families in view, six people max.
A hemorrhage; a bleeding of funds

As workers patiently collect
Paychecks for sulking in the storm

Giant wheel in free wheel mode,
Spins idly in the wind; no riders on board.

Neon lights reflecting in forming puddles
For their own enjoyment.

The scraggly scrambler operator slumps
In his chair, arms crossed.
Left shoulder wet (the tear in his duck suit).

The owners call an early close.
Everyone leaves begrudgingly;
They have mortgages to pay.

Tomorrow will be busy though.
They’re calling for sun.

Mitch RoshannonMitch Roshannon is a 2019 graduate of Susquehanna University with a degree in creative writing and English literature. He works in the amusements industry and is currently on the board of a local charity looking to build his county’s first all-inclusive playground; built on the belief that all children should be able to play.