Dead Satellites – by Nick Romeo

One should choose to launch a Standard Missile at a dead satellite’s fuel cell. This will detonate the hydrazine and any other dangerous substance which is contained therein, relegating the chemicals to the various layers of our atmosphere. Fortunately, we have more than several Ticonderoga-class cruisers available to perform this action. This will free up space in space to allow room for another satellite, or even better, a new space station. We need more machinery and personnel to stake our claims in the global commons overhead. One of the many uses for this station will help in the experimentation with various species of microbes and fungi. We need better tools to adapt to new pathogens and drought. Acinetobacter is a perfect test subject for it has mutated many times so that it is now a completely different species yet unknown and unnamed. They have stellar adaptation mechanisms, and still so much is not known with their abilities and functions, therefore the tests must continue. Fortunately, these microbes are relegated to the safety of the scientists examining them in space, so fear not, science will prevail with use of the upmost precautions while aiding planet Earth.

Nick RomeoWhen Nick Romeo is not at his nine-to-five occupation which is situated in the STEM field[s], he utilizes technology to create his art – whether it is generated in a digital form on the computer or when he is assembling recycled “spent” technology into a sculpture. His main forms of expression are 3D digital renderings, electronic music, writing, fractal generations, sculpture, and photography.