Issue 3 – Spring 2016


Photo courtesy of Ryn Holmes

Editors’ Note

We outdid ourselves! Or should we say that our contributors, 60 of them, outdid themselves?  Once again, we offer a fine array of writing that is chock full of wonder. As usual,  we thank our readers and writers, without whom this publication would be nothing. 

Issue 3 includes some reminiscences and some regrets, some odd characters and unexpected encounters, tongues in cheeks, travel, pastorals, and some pithy advice about holding a knife. 

Our contributors include an Australian in the US, an American in Indonesia, a Nigerian-American, our first Alaskan, and a few students. Once again, we’re honored to include the spectrum from first-time writers to those with a great deal of public acclaim. Panoply has now been read in 70 countries and cumulatively features writers living 37 US states and 6 foreign countries. We added another innovation by including head shots in the bios.

We’re planning Issue 4 for late August and will post an editorial calendar later this summer. We’ll be nominating for the Pushcart Prize. Until then, take some time and enjoy the bounty of Issue 3. We sure did!

Best wishes,

Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn

P.S.- If you’re curious, check out our own head shots in the “Our Editors” section near the bottom of the layout.

 Anatomy of a Ruin – KB Ballentine
 Ancients – Taunja Thomson
 Boca Negra Petroglyphs – John J. Trause
 Bonding – Kevin Tillotson
 Caravan with Summer Skies – Tobi Alfier
 Con Trail – Jayne Marek
 A Dancer in Your Midst – John Grey
 The Death of Phyllis Wheatley – Sam Casey
 Driving North into Warrensburg, New York – Sylvia Riojas Vaughn
 Droit du Seigneur – Phyllis Wax
 Eat Space- Sharon Scholl
 Fear Mingled – Nick Romeo
 Fog – Twyla Hansen
 Fog in the Alley – Lois Harrod
 For My Ex-Husband of Long Ago, on His Deathbed – Barbara Quick
 Forced to Rebuild – Laurie Kolp
 he wanders southwest. relapses – Gary Lundy
 Herpetology – Jake Sheff
 Holding Your Knife – Larry Blazek
 How to Catch a Poem – Lynn Scozzari
 Imagine Not Drowning – Kelli Allen
 In a Book I Read and Cherish – Alan Gann
 Joy in the Morning – Ann Howells
 Limbo – Kayla Klugow
 Main Street – Pia Taavila-Borsheim
 Markers – James Penha
 Mirror Box – Joseph Kerschbaum
 Mistaken Identity – Jane Blue
 Monarch – Sarah O’Brien
 Mother’s Day – Jo-Anne Rosen
 The New Kid – Kate Carey
 The Next Thing at 60 – Christopher Dungey
 The One That Got Away, A Fish Story – Andrena Zawinski
 Peninsula Nicoya, July 1998 – Sarah Endo
 Playing with Fire – Michael Chin
 Procrastinate – Robert Beveridge
 Prometheus Beyond – Uche Ogbuji
 Raking Leaves – Martin Willits, Jr.
 Recognizing the Hobo – Stephen Mead
 The Right Dress – Sherri Wright
 Rush Hour Moon – Scott Melville
 Savages – Cinthia Ritchie
 Snow Fort – Liz Ahl
 South Dakota – Angela Lindseth
 Still Life Upon Reflection – Mike Beck
 Subterfuge – Amy Baskin
 Testimony – Gary Beck
 to look like something new – Pierce Lockett
 Touchstones – Darla McBryde
 Triptych – Nancy Correro
 Trying to Leave Mallets Bay – Carla Schwartz
 Two Cranes on a Snowy Pine – Robert Okaji
 untitled – Ron Bremner
 Untitled – Ren Weber
 The Vanishing – David Blanton
 Why I Read the National Enquirer – D. G. Geis
 Wire Song Hello – Sally Zakariya
 Wisteria – Toti O’Brien
 You Got Me Wanting You – Tracy Mishkin
 Your Title Here – Beth Sherman