Prometheus Beyond – Uche Ogbuji

My buttery is bare;
I’ve stripped trade in your body;
Leave me parchment skin.
Where my hands once spread, sizzling,
I labor to trace, scribbling.

How much of your spine’s
Cooling tallow’s left for light?
Can it reach me here,
So far into the darkness?
Can I keep it tended there?

Distance from the flame
Offers hardly less danger.
Somehow I, skald must
Get it all down, unconsumed
By heat of my arc your way.

Uche Ogbuji.jpgUche Ogbuji, born in Calabar, Nigeria, lived in Egypt, England and elsewhere before settling near Boulder, Colorado. A computer engineer and entrepreneur by trade, his poetry chapbook, Ndewo, Colorado (Aldrich Press, 2013) is a Colorado Book Award Winner, and a Westword 2015 Award Winner (“Best Environmental Poetry”). His poems, published worldwide, fuse Igbo culture, European classicism, American Mountain West setting, and Hip-Hop influences. Among other editing projects he runs @ColoradoPoetry on Twitter. A selection of his poems was included in the Best New African Poets 2015 anthology.