Mother’s Day – Jo-Anne Rosen

The lounge was quiet Sunday mornings, and Audrey, bored and pissed she had to work this shift, cranked up the music and went outside to smoke in the empty parking lot and watch cars stream by on highway 116, loaded with families headed into town for Mother’s Day brunch, no one even glancing at her, and thinking, she may as well boogie, danced, long blonde hair swinging in circles, making her feel twenty years younger, oh, if only she’d kept that baby, she’d be going to brunch too, so when a pickup braked and a young man jumped out and danced up to her, she wanted to hug him but treated him to a drink instead.
Jo-Anne Rosen

Jo-Anne Rosen’s work has appeared in Other Voices, The Florida Review, FlashQuake, The Summerset Review, Prick of the Spindle and other journals. She is a book and website designer, living in Petaluma, California who also edits and publishes an online journal of fiction and memoir at What They Don’t Know (published 2015) is my first fiction collection.