The Right Dress – Sherri Wright

The right dress must cover
scared knees swollen legs
arms mottled with age
fold into a wheelchair and
take her to church

The right dress has to be black
not silk or satin lace or brocade
my mother milked cows
pulled weeds baked bread
in overalls and dresses sewn from feed sacks

The right dress can’t be sheer
or low in the neck she butchered
chickens fried them in lard for Sunday dinner
after she sang in the church choir
in her one good dress

The right dress must comfort eight children
soothe friends who come to console
and strain to remember
the man I tell her she was married to
for seventy five years
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Sherri Wright lives in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware after a career in education at universities and the Federal government. Wright runs, practices yoga, works out, and volunteers at a center for homeless. She writes with the Rehoboth Beach Writer’s Guild and has work published in several on line and print publications.