Rush Hour Moon – Scott Melville

It’s already dark, the traffic both fast and slow.
I’m glancing out the side window, juking around
glare and reflections, catching glimpses
between buildings, and trying to keep in my lane.
Yes, there she is, half up, full and orange
under the Days Inn sign.  She zips sideways
along the horizon, flickering through wires and poles
and billboards, gets lost behind the Waffle House
and in the radiance of Conoco’s lights,
and then at a stoplight, for a golden moment,
exposes herself and sits serene atop Arby’s Hat.


For 31 years, Scott was a professor in the Physical Education Department at Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA. He retired in 2012 and moved to Pensacola with his lovely wife, Julie. Self-publications of his work can be purchased on Amazon. My other hobbies are reading, swimming, bicycling, and painting.