Triptych – Nancy Correro (Editors’ Choice)

Tonight the ocean is dressed
in warm chartreuse—
belly of a sea turtle—
open avocado.
Seaweed rolls in
and gathers
like a ruffled hem.

Through amber mist,
the moon is a solitary spot
on this stage
and from a distance
a ship’s horn wails
basso profondo.

A single conical shell,
spirals out of the surf
and finds a fixed spot
amongst the sand and sargassum—
lost jewel from a gown.

Tonight the ocean drapes
blue and silver over the sand.

Below the surface,
schools of pompano

and across the moon,
monochromatic geese
sail the night winds.
One falls behind—
Godwin being pulled
by a rope to the moon.

In the trail of lunar glitter
on the oceans surface,
a lone manta ray ascends like a kite
with lunatic desire.

The ocean is wrapped
in carmine tonight.
As the sun falls down,
the waxing gibbous
torches the night sky.
Roseate spoonbills fly low and land
in the shallows to feed and commune.
The seagulls float above,
dark as bats, and cry.
A solitary sandpiper eats its fill
as a crab runs from the surf
to dig a temporary home.
Nancy Correro

Nancy Correro holds an MFA from McNeese State University, and is pursuing a PhD at Georgia State University. She resides near the Chattahoochee Watershed in Roswell, GA and finds inspiration while hiking the Big Creek trails. She is the recipient of the Joy Scantlebury Poetry Award.