he wanders southwest. relapses – Gary Lundy

into favorable dictation. a simple measure. of articles and prepositions. you write sporadic trust in what arrives. or comes nearby. a whisper beside your sleeping head. a child unrecognized plays in the overgrown park.

a woman alone walks deep in desperate thought. how words enter a region closed to audible. a faint aroma of blueberries. on the postcard direction back toward a door of forgotten.

i can say i delight in those various changes that have come about in the past couple of years. how countenance erases your earlier frantic.

i would have written you into my book. had it occurred to you first. not a good sign. after entering a book. he stops reading. leafs to the back to see how many pages left.

the night i mistook another as you. marvel at how inefficient eyesight can be. some mens voices deep beautiful chocolate brandy.

a child plays in the dirt. a couple on a blanket watch the sky.

the old man sits on a bench. not out of his bodys failure. but the inherent knowledge. he soon will be a part of soil. he finds few words that might detail how life has ceased to promise. how fungus moves onto his body with little concern.

she flees into a world where words and dreams overwhelm ripening. as when insincere laughter fills a room obligatory.
Gary Lundy.jpgGary Lundy was a Professor of English at The University of Montana Western until he left in 2011. Most recently his poetry can be found in Yellow Chair Review, Guide to Kulchur, The Maynard, The Main Street Rag, After Happy Hour Review, and Anti-Heroin Chic. Gary is the author of four chapbooks. His first full length book, heartbreak elopes into a kind of forgiving, will be published this spring by is a rose press. Each July he is an instructor of the mandolin building class at Rocky Grass Academy. Gary lives in Missoula, Montana.