Wire Song Hello – Sally Zakariya

Telephone wires sing a song
across roads pole to pole
punctuated now and then
by perching birds who face
the setting sun
who sing an evening song
a descant to the wires
hello hello hello

I call you on the old phone
the one with wires but now
you never answer never say

We used to talk across
the wires across their song
pole to pole phone to phone
we used to say love words
say yes and yes and never say

Now I listen to the silence
hoping now to hear you say
Sally Zakariya

Sally Zakariya’s poetry has appeared in numerous journals, including Tishman Review, Apeiron Review, Broadkill Review, Edge, Emerge, Third Wednesday, and Evening Street Review, and has won prizes from Poetry Virginia and the Virginia Writers Club. She is the author of Insectomania (2013) and Arithmetic and other verses (2011) and the editor of Joys of the Table, an anthology of poems about food and eating. Zakariya lives in Arlington, Virginia,