The Next Thing at 60 – Christopher Dungey

The next thing was never
going to be a black Greek
fisherman’s cap. It wasn’t going to be
one of those big Buicks either, the seat
of which would soon engulf me.
I ruled that out
after a rare trip to Florida.
But, beginning my seventh decade
might require an increase
in self-gratification (if only
to keep the plumbing clear.)
Or, finally, a last Will
and Testament drawn up
by a real lawyer. See, we’re riding
the Interstate more and more—
maybe not to golf with the gators,
but when we listen, stretching
our legs near the dog-walk
in the Rest Area, we can hear
the infrastructure buckling.

A retired auto worker in MI, Christopher Dungey rides mountain bike, sings in Presbyterian choir, camps at sports-car races, watches English football, and spends too much time in Starbucks. More than 140 poems published. Not many lately due to short fiction But: Circle Review, Gap-Toothed Madness, Ann Arbor Review, Squalorly, Box of Jars, Shadow Road, Breakwater Review in last four years.