Still Life Upon Reflection – Mike Beck

Inside the envelope
with two 8 cent air mail stamps,
her letter began in long
liquid blue strokes.

I found it so hard
to say good-bye.

I remember her eyes,
brown as old pennies,
their gaze scanning
the train nervously,
hopping from window
to window like a sparrow.

A mother is funny this way.
She works hard for a couple
of important things,

As the long cement platform
wrenched tectonically,
then stopped like a continent
beginning a slow drift away,
a warm-washed smile
flooded her delicate face
as she found my gloved fingers
pressed against glass.

to give him a little wisdom 
hopefully but most of all
strength to stand tall 
on his own.

As the click and clack began,
evening’s slant-light
and glazed glass distorted
the still-life image the other side
of my reflection with eyebrows
and cheeks raised, confident
as a teenager could be.

Then when he uses them
to walk away, as he must,
she cries.


drums 1

Mike Beck is a retired fighter pilot, a drum maker and a wilderness rites of passage guide who lives in Navarre, Fl. He creates custom hand drums and helps other do the same. He travels around the country facilitating therapeutic drumming events. He has trained at the School of Lost Borders in Big Pine, California and Ontos: A Center For Being in Pensacola,  to guide a spectrum of pan-cultural spiritual paths to wholeness in the natural world setting. He is a published writer and poet, and a member of the West Florida Literary Federation.