Issue 4, Summer-Autumn, 2016


Photo courtesy of Ryn Holmes

Editors’ Notes

Please enjoy these wonderful expressions of grace. This issue includes formal structures such as a pantoum, a sestina, a sonnet, and even a “punk sonnet,” some ars poetica, along with a great flow of free verse, and some vivid, lively prose. You’ll find a multitude of themes and subjects including love and romance; aging, grief, loss of memory, and death; drugs, alcohol, witchcraft, and skullduggery; politics, social policy, and protest; cosmology; inner-city scenes and pastorals; and a dose of humor!

We thank you, our readers, and our talented contributors for making this possible. We expect to publish Issue 5 around the end of the year. It’s truly a joy to produce and share. Issue 6 will most likely be themed, so stay tuned and don’t jump the gun when submitting! Also, if you like what you see, please consider a voluntary donation. Just use the Paypal link in the right-hand margin.

All our best wishes and thanks,

Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn


Amphigory – Mike Jurkovic
Anagnorisis – Gary Glauber
Ativan Poem #8: Water Sports – Sara Eddy
Birth Control – Amy Baskin
Capsule – Michael Wayne Hampton
Cleartivity – Neil Ellman
Cocktails – Ann Bracken
Death March – Terry Severhill
Elegy with a Dead Poet in It – Michael Dwayne Smith
Evening Alone – Tom Montag
Eyelids of Black Silk – John Davis
The Fathomless Depths – Brandon Marlon
First Kiss – Robert Filos
Fish Swim the Moon – Rasma Haidri
Fly-by-Night -Lenore Weiss
Giving Up the Bones -Lynne Shapiro
Gracile Creatures – Richard King Perkins II
Grey Partridge – Aaron Dargis
Grief – Ken Meisel
Heritage, Like Robbers Cave – Nick Christian
Insomniac – Laurie Kolp
It Is What It Is – Adrian Potter
Iztactepetl – Kathleen Boyle
June – Seth Jani
Later, We Saw the Lillies – Judith Horowitz Yamamoto
A Long Night’s Moon – Dawn Paul
Lychee Martinis – Gabrielle Langley
Make Them Float in Your Mouth – Iris Jamahl Dunkle
Marathon -Bobby Bolt
Mixing Things Up – Gareth Culshaw
New Blue Jeans – Karen McAferty Morris
New Orleans – Jessica Hylton
Observances – Dirk James
On the Burden of Flowering – Robert Okaji
Once tattoos were exciting – Peter Goodwin
Our Lady – Rollo Nye
Polynesia – Beau Boudreaux
Prosperity Spell – Juleigh Howard-Hobson
Punk Sonnet – Jill Evans
The Red Cape – M.S. Rooney
Rimbaud – last letter to Verlaine – R. Bremner
Say Something About Resurrection – Penelope Schott
So That I Might Be Kinder to You – Mary Rowin
Soldiers – Laurie Byro
The Subway Riders – Kathleen McClung
Summer Dance – Jill Crainshaw
Symbiosis in a Venetian Room – Lana Bella
Time (Has Come Today) – Howie Good
Tsunami – Ginger Marcinkowski
V4N1TY – Edinson Shane Tolley
Vernal War – Tobi Park
Visiting Uncle Art (a pantoum) – Joanne Kennedy Frazer
The Walnut and the Rosemary – Carol Ellis
Water – Sarah Brown Weitzman
What Hasn’t Happened Yet – Patricia Carragon
What I Know of “Good” – Carolyn Martin
What I Want When No One’s Asking – Ace Boggess
What to Pack for the Autumnal Equinox – Nancy Jentsch
The Whole Sky Wakes – KB Ballentine
Why It Is Never Truly Silent – Martin Willits, Jr.
Wings Clipped – Rachel Dacus

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