Issue 2 – Winter 2015/6


Photo courtesy of Ryn Holmes

Editor’s Note

We begin as always by thanking our readers and writers, without whom this publication would be nothing. We hope you enjoy the new layout and format of Issue 2. Thanks for your suggestions! Moreover, we hope you enjoy the writing here and hope you agree that it’s full of wonder and beauty. This issue features some mystical themes alongside some gritty scenes of cutting (self-mutilation), drug abuse, and a WWII submarine disaster.  We’ve got an homage to a father, a scene from a carny, an appearance by Perry Mason, a heartbreaking memory of a marriage, some nature/pastorals, and a Hunter S. Thompson-esque ditty featuring Screaming Jay Hawkins. Some indelible speakers and vivid psychological sketches. We’re even featuring pieces by a husband and wife! (This is fascinating, as we pride ourselves on reading 100% blind. Some talent in that household!)

Panoplyzine has now been read in 48 countries. With Issue 2, our submitters now hail from 26 US states plus 5 foreign countries. Once again, we feature young and old and are thrilled to be the source of another young writer’s first public credit. It all comes back to the writing, which brings us the most joy and satisfaction. We hope you agree and enjoy Issue 2. Please Share, Like and refer your friends.  And attach or send us your comments, too.

We plan our next issue for this coming spring.

Many thanks,
Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn
January 2016


07 August 1954: U-84, After Her Disappearance in the Caribbean Sea – Paul David Adkins
August Bounty – Ann Howells
The Beach at Night – Laura Sobbott Ross
Before Night Comes – Ingrid Bruck
Calendar – Nancy Devine
Champagne Breeze – Anne James
The Death of God – RM Zaner
Doctor’s Notes – Lauren Jonik
Donora, Pennsylvania – Tracy Mishkin
Fairy Dance – Kimberly Williams
Fireflies – Maureen Fielding
First Night Back – Sara Crawford
Good Girl – Emma Bolden
Husband – Jeannette Drake
i had it all wrong – Michael Jackman
In the Poker Room – Liz Ahl
Incubate – Walter Ruhlmann
Jacob’s Shadow – Kate E Lore
Kitchen Sink – Aaron Dargis
Middle-Class Nostalgia – Janet McCann
Order of Cats – Laura Wiseman
Paper in Fire – Jenn Lee Smith
Perhaps Something – Joshua Eric Williams
Rooms by the Sea – Elina Petrova
Saffronic – Bänoo Zan
Screaming Jay Hawkins and Me in Our Prime – Mike Jurkovic
Shadow – Rebecca Aronson
Sober – Nick Romeo
Step Right Up – Jeff Fleischer
To see if it will snow – Michelle Hartman
Walking the Property Lines – Julie DeMarko
Willow – Patricia Nelson

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