Rooms by the Sea -Elina Petrova (Pushcart Prize Nominee)

After Edward Hopper

When many dreams that mattered are late
let’s keep it simple – a loaf of crispy bread,
small jobs to fuel the tank, long road trips
without destination. Landscapes will lead from lost
sensations of dried mesas and the prairie grass
to hairpin turns, heart-mending windy vistas,
limestone tunnels that will rush to open
the higher views: sun-sprinkled birches,
the crystal-blue of the inverted sky in pallid tarns.
There will be pines, quartz-spangled boulders
with lichen tracery, the rarified air,
and then descent by driving on the edge.
Red-glossed diners will suffice at midnight,
a highway past salines will widen
into the sun white-wash of bridges over bays
preceding larger waters – the massive
breathing haze with hoots of distant ships.
Rooms by the sea…The ocean will suffice
when many dreams that mattered will cease.

Until 2007, Elina Petrova lived in Ukraine and worked in engineering management. She has many Russian and Ukrainian publication credits, and a book of Russian-language poems. Elina now works in a Houston law firm. Her poetry has been published in Texas Review, Texas Poetry Calendars, FreeFall (Canada), Voices de la Luna, Harbinger Asylum, Illya’s Honey, Melancholy Hyperbole, Panoply, the anthologies of the Houston and Austin poetry festivals, “Untamable City” by Mutabilis Press, and upcoming “Southwest Persona” by Dos Gatos Press. Her first book of poetry in English, “Aching Miracle,” had been released in September 2015.

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