Prosperity Spell – Juleigh Howard-Hobson

On a Friday, two hours past sunset,
In a time while the moon is waxing, take
A green candle, anoint it with oil. Get
Yellow rose petals, and nine bright coins (make
The coins into piles of 3), and some green
Grapes (at least nine, again). Scatter the grapes
And petals on the altar, in between
The piles of coins. Light the candle. No blade
Circle or wand is needed for this spell,
(But you may use them if you like, although
This is a good spell that works very well
Just as it is written). Call on the flow
Of prosperity, on abundance. Name
Your desire. Eat a grape. Douse the flame.

Juleigh Howard HobsonJuleigh Howard-Hobson’s work has appeared in such venues as The Lyric, Prime Number, The Liar’s League, The New Formalist, The Raintown Review, qarrtsiluni, and The Found Poetry Review. She has twice been nominated for a Pushcart. She lives in the Pacific North West in a place referred to as Dark Cascadia.