Say Something About Resurrection – Penelope Schott

Say something about sandals:
How worn straps
once framed triangles of skin.
How my naked toes clench.

Say something about hammers:
How it took a solid swing
to drive nails through palms
and the tendons of my feet.

Say something about shadows:
How the stubby crossed shadow
that sat on the field at noon
now stretches toward evening.

Say something about cardamom:
How gawkers here on this hill
munch their spiced pastries
woven intricately as rope.

Now talk about the weather:
How clouds cluster over the hill
and drizzle suspends itself.
How everything holds still.

How Mother wraps her face
in that lapis blue shawl.

Penelope SchottPenelope Scambly Schott is the author of a novel, ten full-length poetry books, and six chapbooks. Her verse biography A is for Anne: Mistress Hutchinson Disturbs the Commonwealth won an Oregon Book Award for Poetry. Her most recent book is How I Became an Historian. Forthcoming in 2017 is House of the Cardamom Seed.