Death March – Terry Severhill

Do not blame the road for your destination.
The road you take is
the same road you make by
walking down the lane.
Could be procrastination is not a game.
Not to be confused with those playing games,
calling themselves players but being haters,
it’s all the same they trying for their fifteen minutes of fame.
Pointing a finger at Them or Those or perhaps you or me.
Confusing wishes or hopes or dreams
as a means to set them free.
Can’t play that game.
Been done before in Selma or Birmingham.
What did we get for it?
Drinking water outa the same fountain.
Not the same as the dream on the mountain.
The work is not done.
The world not changed.
So standing on the corner.
That’s not going to cut it.
Whatever the hell It is.
Selling smack or crack or crank is not the way to fund the future.
Selling bodies, yours or one that ain’t yours
Is killing all of us bit by bit.
In a virtual world bits is all we are.

Terry Severhill is of mixed heritage; Scott, French and Native American (Chippewa). He is a Marine combat veteran, having served in a CAP unit in Vietnam. His most recent works have appeared in the San Diego Poetry Annual. He has appeared in: “A Quite Courage, Damnfino, Red Omnivore, Mad Swirl, and in SE Missouri University Press Proud to Be, Writings by American Warriors and others forth coming. Presented with the “Art Young Memorial Poetry Prize 2016.”