Panoply Editors in Action

Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn had a ball at Say the Word in Niceville, FL, joining our gracious hosts Sarah Clauson and Rachel Reese, along with a wide array of talented poets for a night of joy, good cheer, observation, and speaking out. What a way to kick-off Poetry Month! Here we are just before the festivities began.


Ryn, Jeff, and Andrea at Say the Word in Niceville, FL

Again, we thank those who have donated to our financial cause:

  • Tobi Alfier
  • William Blome
  • Alan Harris
  • Sabrina Hicks
  • Carolyn Martin (twice!)
  • Tracy Mishkin
  • James Penha
  • Rachel Reese
  • Plus newcomers Eleanor Kedney, Bruce Robinson, and Alec Solomita

If you’d like to donate to our financial cause, feel free to use the PayPal link in the right margin.

We’re finishing up Issue 6, the “daylight” theme, which is due on or around May 5. See you then! Thanks for visiting Panoply!

Yours always,

Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn

3 thoughts on “Panoply Editors in Action

    • Hello Kathleen
      Thank you for your follow-up inquiry. We have a few more days of evaluation ahead of us. Without revealing too much, I will tell you that each of the three of us reads each piece submitted. These days, the pieces we accept receive a consensus. (We publish no more than one piece per submitter per issue.) We tend to read at our own paces, trying our best to be quick and conscientious. Please accept my assurance that we’re diligently trying to wrap up our evaluations and will reply ASAP. Thanks for your patience.
      Best wishes,
      Jeff Santosuosso


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