Zeit Heist – Nick Romeo

Here’s a fact you never knew:
Icarus did not die. He swam to shore,

and continued his passion for life.
First, he plunged into weapons training,

then fought alongside Alaric I,
Ptolemy Lagides, and Scipio Africanus.

He took a hiatus from warfare
to ghostwrite for Shakespeare,

but became unsettled and entered War War I
as a gunner for an Armstrong Whitworth FK.8.

After the treaty, he moved to the United States,
and worked for George Remus as a bootlegger.

Decades later he was drafted into the Vietnam War,
accruing the most confirmed kills in the Mekong Delta.

Once discharged with honors he wrote a book called
Hope in a Scope and formed a biker gang in Lancaster,

named Demigods on Hogs. They disbanded due to FBI
infiltration and getting beaten-up by their old ladies.

Icarus learned guitar and formed a freedom rock band.
They played Woodstock and toured the world.

After that event, there’s a gap in the timeline.
Some say he suffered a bad acid trip,

and lived in Guam for several decades.
Others say he became a CIA operative.

But Icarus was sighted the other week
above Damascus, Palmyra, and then Raqqa.

He was shot down,
landing somewhere in the city.

Nick RomeoNick Romeo is a multidisciplinary artist, musician and writer. Nick lives in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with his wife and cat named Megatron.
website: www.pittsburghartistregistry.org/accounts/view/nickromeo