You, The Marble – Leah Baker

If stars had sisters
you would be the green one,
slung up across the space we’ve
not yet come to worship
What other ways
can we learn to come closer
rather than whispering
and setting skin on skin?
I will dream that you are the marble
and I am the sound,
cutting a channel
through the cluttered cavern of my throat
my chin lifted, my neck long
as vibration comes through it,
a rapturous song
in a gown of rope and wire
Leah Baker

Leah Baker is an English teacher at a public high school, proud to say that many of her Creative Writing students have had their work accepted for publication so far this year. She has had many pieces featured most recently in The Bookends Review, Lit Tapes, The Mystic Blue Review and Twyckenham Notes.