When Coburg Lake Became a Kyrenia Wedding – Angela Costi

The way the water is quiet, the cool touch of the willows,
geese get all snappy when you get too close
leaves cling to the branches as the wind hums
the song of a fisherman’s son, who once travelled the oceans
to stand forty years later, hand-in-hand with his love
as she sees the harbour and his father’s trawler
arrive with the catch for their wedding feast.

She feeds the ducks the song of Summer’s light,
toasts their hunger with haloumi, pita, salata,
he sails his handkerchief, the one stitched by his mother
with the Greek letter Kappa, across their heads
it ripples like a flag of surrender, settles and frames them
as Nostalgia and Memory – married till death.
You will find them swaying by the edge of the lake.

Angela CostiAngela Costi’s poetry, essays, plays and reviews have found homes in many online and print journals, including Overland, Southerly, Cordite (Australia) and Sojourner, Tattoo Highway (USA). Her four poetry collections are: Dinted Halos (Hit&Miss Publications, 2003), Prayers for the Wicked (Floodtide Audio and Text, 2005), Honey and Salt (Five Islands Press, 2007) and Lost in Mid-Verse (Owl Publishing, 2014). She manages ‘Angela Costi Poetics’, a FaceBook space.