Welcome – Mary Ellen Talley

changing light
at Stonehenge

where Druids still gather

holding sightline
to the last dark day

Stone cannot rend

solstice afterbirth
of virgin mother

Come stargazers all night long

never-ending shine
the unconquered sun

Viking wheel

or passage tomb
in County Meath

Shaft of light at dawn

no more sacrifice
at Saturn’s altar

Today’s penitents

weave gold in eight-foot wreath
of Noble Fir

limbed offering upon a winter wall

Mary Ellen TalleyMary Ellen Talley’s poems have most recently been published in Typoetic.us and Kaleidoscope as well as in recent anthologies, The Doll Collection, All We Can Hold poems of motherhood and Raising Lilly Ledbetter Women Poets Occupy the Workspace. Her poetry has received a Pushcart Nomination. She has worked for many years with words and children as a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) in Washington public schools.