vulture sets the world ablaze – Sanjida Yasmin

Layali Dubai Café, our first encounter-
wine-red button down, tucked in,
a Marlboro Lights lit in between
your full, firm, feminine lips

I walk across the asphalt, a Totes umbrella
in my hand, no spark in my eyes-
while yours dazzle—
the only house with lights
in a village with no electricity.

“I’m sorry I’m late,”
I look up from under my umbrella
in hopes of finding an irritated look
instead you say,
“I could’ve waited all night if you wanted me to,”
your round face with the villainous goatee-
beams like you will set this dunya ablaze
& you do, permanently.

Sanjida YasminSanjida Yasmin is a Bengali American storyteller and poet whose work explores South Asian traditions, transient movements from East to West and most importantly, the mystery of time. Raised in the Bronx, NY, she graduated from The City College of New York where she wrote her MFA thesis on the senescence of mortals.