Tuesday in the Home Town – Thomas Reed Willemain

You were up first this time
reminding me how I prefer
to be alone in the morning
but I managed to slip outside
ungreeted to dodge
school busses
dogs not on leashes
cars rushing to unloved jobs.

You made me eggs and toast
and recounted your night
the 3 a.m. wander
through the dark house
with its night sounds
your wander
through the dim past
where you managed
to list all the
High Street stores
in order as they were
in 1940’s Holyoke.

Yesterday you surprised me
with an interest in audio books
so now in the library
I attempt the impossible
choosing four
to find one winner
I’m hoping it’s not the Jan Karon
but the Richard Russo.

Later I’ll treat for lunch
then we’ll be off
to the ultrasound
to check your tumor
and hope that next year
you’ll be blowing out
95 candles
and we’ll all be there
to see it.

Tom WillemainDr. Thomas Reed Willemain is a software entrepreneur, emeritus professor of statistics, and former intelligence officer. His poetry has been published in Sheila-Na-Gig online, Typishly, Eye Flash Poetry Journal, and  The Journal of Humanistic Mathematics. A native of western Massachusetts, he lives near the Mohawk River in upstate New York. Web site: www.TomWillemain.com.