Toy Park – Beau Boudreaux

At the end of Annunciation Street
a fenced-in acre hugs the river

where my son loves to play—
a place where parents leave

their children’s outdoor toys
outgrown, damaged, or weatherworn

the sun strips red tricycles
rain washes blue slides

the toddler lawnmower
still mows the grass

though the horn doesn’t beep
there’s one trustworthy swing

a bench to rest, let children roam
beneath oaks that clasp like hands

wrestling tropical heat
with their broad shade.
Beau BoudreauxBeau Boudreaux’s second book collection of poetry, RAPUNZEL’S BRAID, was published in 2016 by Five Oaks Press. His first book of poetry, RUNNING RED, RUNNING REDDER, was published in 2012 by Cherry Grove Collections. He has published poetry in journals including Antioch Review and Cream City Review, also in anthologies along with The Southern Poetry Anthology. He teaches at Tulane University and lives in New Orleans.