The Old In-Out In-Out – Yu-Han Chao

If you don’t have a giant protein
              that doesn’t do its Kegels
diffusion can be tricky
(unless you’re thin, flat
              and moist all the time)
Brownian movement not quite enough
Try some wine, facilitation
              active transport
                             vesicles to help with endo and exo

And it gets more complicated:
              Os require balancing
Too spicy and you shrink
What gets you turgid:
               dH2O juices
As for Little Miss Goldisalts,
               solutes shrink and solvents pop
                             (and not in any good way)
The old in-out in-out must be just right—
               0.9% on either side.
You could also:
               Jello-tube some moist cake
               trach your exoskeleton
                              form a system for circulation
the golden ticket: evolution.

Yu-Han ChaoYu-Han Chao was born and grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. She received her MFA from Penn State, taught at UC Merced, and is working towards a degree in nursing. The Backwaters Press published her poetry book, and her short story collection is forthcoming with Red Hen Press. Her website is