The Music at Montreaux – Matthew James Friday

It’s as if Divinity, working through
the tectonic terror or Alpine uplift
heard jazz while moving mountains
opposite Montreux. What else explains
the g-clef curves of the Chablais Alps
and the seven, arguably eight notes
of the trumpeting Dents-du-Midi.
In the hazing summer evenings
the mountains are their most musical,
joyful percussion to the sky’s bass,
they lengthen in the long evenings
as we sip wine and nod along, while along
the promenade saunter couples, teens
touching, middle-aged companioned love,
the elderly toasting the day;
all come to appreciate the music.

Matthew FridayMatthew James Friday has had many poems published in numerous international magazines and journals, including, recently: All the Sins (UK), The Blue Nib (Ireland), Brushfire Literature & Arts Journal (USA), and Into the Void (Canada). The mini-chapbooks All the Ways to Love, Waters of Oregon and The Words Unsaid were published by the Origami Poems Project (USA).