The Joys of Sex – Ciara Dall

In love we forgive a lot. A micro-penis for example.
The fear of clitorides and sticky wetness of lust.
Sex is confusing enough without the fear of body parts.
The micro-penis wouldn’t be such a big deal if you
weren’t so terrified to take your mouth below.
I guess it wasn’t love then, because I forgave a lot,
but not that.

You see, vaginas are mystical, beautiful, true.
Ask Georgia O’Keeffe to show you what you couldn’t see.
The petals of labia minor and major moisten to
The musical composition of love making.
The clitoris vibrates in the thrill of every stroke and thrust.
If you don’t appreciate art— you can’t have my heart.

My orgasmic howls prove mine is much better than yours.
The vagina’s orgasm is much more than a squirt of some spunk.
It is natural incarnation of a jasmine breeze fresh after rain.
Alas, you will never truly know the magic women carry if
you’re always too afraid to give your mouth a go.

c dall

Ciara Dall graduated from Augsburg University with an MFA in Creative Writing and an emphasis in Translation and Publishing. She lives in the Twin Cities with her husband, daughter, and three dogs. Her work is lyrical and explores themes of mental illness, sex, abuse, and loss while utilizing images of the world surrounding her both beautiful and grotesque. She currently has poems being published with Stickers: A Journal of Diverse Bodies.