The Days We Meet – R.T. Castleberry

We take our dinner late, a final glass,
last lovers at a table, luminous
under candles, a fall quarter moon.
We see each other through
the temper of money, joint custody,
contentious divorce.
Sharing melancholy,
calibrations of monogamy in
long night talks, longer emails,
we argue intent and intensity
difficult friends,
the arc in a shared vocation.
You have a rule about flowers.
I take you slowly
through the Songs of Solomon.
Passions take their measure
on divans and daybeds,
a four hour kiss good-night.
As we sit for café coffee and breakfast,
sunrise scarlet colors the scene.

RT CastleberryR.T. Castleberry’s work has appeared in Roanoke Review, Santa Fe Literary Review, Pedestal Magazine, Green Mountains Review, The Alembic and Comstock Review. Internationally, it has been published in Canada, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand and Antarctica.