Tawny Kitten – Tina Bubonovich

Tawny Kitten is a 190-pound black lady who wears his grandmother’s vintage orange lipstick when she does his Rihanna act.  While she looks more like a 1960s version of Aretha Franklin with thick black eyeliner, people forget the old lead based orange glow from her lips when she sings “Diamonds” from his small Baychester chaotic studio apartment on Youtube.

Tawny is the lady who works the Gay Pride Parade each year, not to celebrate the diverse LGBT community, but to make $200 an hour for his year’s supply of clothing and Smart Cover Cosmetics to camouflage years of various abuses.

Even though Tawny’s outward appearance needs a more feminine touch, it is the voice from his soul that denotes a gender binary to which most people adhere.

Now in his late twenties, Tawny is always that child wanting to sing gospel in his uncle’s Grace Gospel Church on Madison Avenue. Although he can sing, his cousins take him away from church to the Starlets Strip Club down the street for “Sunday brunch” instead.  He might have been only six, but his cousins did not seem to notice his age when he wears Bambi’s orange studded high-heeled shoes with very tall heels, rather than drool with them over her natural DD fun bags.

Do not get Tawny wrong, Bambi is hot for a girl of fifteen pretending to be eighteen. Although she is a teenager who lives in secret at Baychester Apartment number 532, he knows she never attends high school because his uncle is paying her $20 an hour to play with him in the boiler room at the Grace Gospel Church.

Everybody at the Baychester knows his uncle is paying Bambi to play with him in the boiler room; except for his grandma. Monnie. Kitten’s Monnie loves Jesus. While she may have been eyeless to her surrounding devil, she is always praising God’s minister son every second she can get. Even when her family is eating Sunday’s fried up chicken, pork chops, and chicken fried steak, she is flattering her “holy” son for the meal instead of damming him for what he is doing to her daughters in the other room.

Although she is naïve to her son’s surrounding misuses, she doesn’t think twice to promote Tawny Kitten’s gender expression as they sing and dance to Aretha’s, “Respect”, before bed each night.

She is Monnie. Even though she is clueless, you can bet she is sharp by showing more love to Tawny’s identity than to anyone else in the family; always allowing him alone to use her makeup vanity chair.

Not exclusive, but a third gender by nature. 

On Youtube, even though everyone can see the abuses that surrounds him, it is when Tawny Kitten sings “Diamonds”, that you can almost feel Monnie coming through that old orange lipstick by singing, “all I’m askin’ for is a little respect”.

Tina BubonovichWhile her degrees are in the legal field, Tina Bubonovich has taken several creative writing classes at Carnegie Mellon University, and  believes this training will attract an audience.