Swam with a whale shark again in 2021 – Sha Huang

Our first encounter was in 2019
How I was amazed by your soar in blue:
Enormous, divine, solemn, mysterious
All adjectives were paralyzed

Today I came back with another group of swimmers
You circle in this huge blue tank alone
Every white dot on your body is a silent song
I know you lost two whale shark friends in pandemic
Of course no one will mention it today
Excitement and joy is in the air as two years ago
As if nothing had changed
Life goes on
You still sour in the blue tank
Your body move slowly in grace and peace
We still pretend this is an ocean
where infinitude and perpetuity are not illusions

Sha HuangSha Huang grew up in China. Her poems appeared in many literary journals and anthologies in China, the U.S, and Europe, including Muddy Review Poetry Review, Ekaphrastic Review, The Wild Word, and Chinese and Western Poetry(中西诗歌). She was a nominee for Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. She has a bilingual poetry book October Fruit with the Milky Way Publishing (银河出版社) in Hong Kong and her poems were rewarded the outstanding translated poems in the third Flush Poetry Festival.