Snowdonia – Alan Parry

i remember those cleft ranges –
                             and that wet blue slate in july –
the sweeping heaths – with knots
              of green and mulberry –
from my childhood –
                             and i realise how the innocence
                             and humour – is far removed – today
i could return to those valleys
                             and watch the salmon jump in their hundreds –
but everything will have changed –
               my eyes older now –
                             the silvery rocks more severe
                             and the white waterfalls – quiet now
                             and the trees whispering no more

A ParryAlan Parry is a poet and playwright from Merseyside. He is an English Lit graduate and will train to English this coming year. Alan enjoys gritty realism, open ends and work which is politically charged. He cites James Joyce, Jack Kerouac and Alan Bennett as inspirations.

Twitter: @AlanParry83 Instagram: alphapapa83