Seeing Life for What It Is – Jeannie Roberts

In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary. — Aaron Rose

Between the frozen ice
not far from shore
a gander leads
his mate follows
the pair buoy in luminosity
the adventure of lake-melt
where the brevity of a runnel
a compressed paddle
inspires the motion of duet
stirs notions of milder days
though we’ve valued the harsher ones
the intervals of time
the conditions of weather
when crystalline structures
the plates columns and needles
settled atop our existence
as we’d walk or wing
travel our daily paths

Between the frozen ice
not far from shore
my essence holds
the buoyancy of geese
I float in the gap
channel the fluidity
visualize luminous pathways
see life for what it is: extraordinary

Jeannie RobertsJeannie E. Roberts has authored seven books, five poetry collections and two illustrated children’s books. Her newest collection, As If Labyrinth – Pandemic Inspired Poems, was released by Kelsay Books in April of 2021. She’s an animal lover, a nature enthusiast, Best of the Net award nominee, and a poetry editor of the online literary magazine Halfway Down the Stairs.