Scratch in My Throat – Hannah A’Enene

pink table and door and
gold handle and charisma

someone is going to talk to me about literature today
(deep, substantial male-authored classics)
and I’ll flash them my Pink-Lipped Pearls in hopes
they’ll sigh away home

I’ll put some sort of curse on you and you’ll only
want hairy women
after fucking me

sipping on espresso like medicine and
avoiding woody allen like Influenza
I am more than over it

but we’re hanging around the same old
talking about rosemary’s baby and
soylent green

Hannah SeligmanHailing from a Northern Californian hellhole, Hannah A’Enene made a home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She can be found at the local cafés making herself sick on caffeinated tea, keeping her windowsill herb garden alive, or taking the long way home to avoid motion sickness. She released her first book of poetry, Gold Leafing, in summer of 2017.