River – Mallory Kellum

after Irises by Li-Young Lee

In the calm, in the eaves of the moon,
I go walking to the river.
Flowing, riches of sweet milk,
like my mother: the source that quenches me when
I’m thirsty for more.

I’d like to be cleansed by these waters.
I’d like to parse through the waves with my hands till
its seed plants in me a spring of freshwater;
’til it caresses my skin and sends me
off sleeping.

This life won’t make us one, nor will we take
on each other’s form, although
we hold tight to the stream, and
sway on jasper nights to the beat of the
trees, sipping the promise of
the melody of eternity
in our skirts.

Mallory KellumMallory Kellum is a French-American student studying at Corban University. She is a seeker of finding beauty in the in-betweens and spends her spare time learning from new friends from across the world. When she’s not enjoying moldy cheese and French wine, she writes, inspired by the freedom found in living life with God.