Rainbow Connection – Jaelyn Singleton

Eventually, rainbows show up everywhere:
pepperoni laying confidently on the baked crust of Sunday,
somehow dissolving effortlessly in the sunset made for tomorrow

smoothies spilling from their plastic container onto the
playground tables leaving sticky handshakes and forceful
pushes in the ringing of “tag-you’re-it”

plaid blankets holding a wicker basket of goodies and
colorless wine sharing its flavor with the bread from yesterday and
the sparkling smile I’ve missed so much

fingerpainting on the wall covered in primer that has just enough
room for the most beautiful masterpiece a toddler could conjure
up after divulging in his ceremonial snack of broccoli and goldfish

moonlight dances near the abandoned chapel in the midst of the
cricket’s song, hungry eyes dripping down, down,
down and

frostbite holding onto what may be left of a
Romantic Getaway in the Mountains.

Jaelyn Singleton was born and raised in Anchorage, AK and graduated from Anchorage Christian Schools. She currently attends college at Corban University and is getting her degree in psychology. She is in Poetry Writing with Dr. Colette Tennant and was excited about her piece “Rainbow Connection” and wanted to send it right off!

Editors’ Note: Congratulations, Jaelyn!