Prometheus – Charlotte Pocock

For Matthew Shepherd

Your fingertips are soft against the examination table,
Void of the usual smooth lines of your nails
Or the habit of a steady tap tap tap tap tap

Dark rings encircle your wrists
The deep splotches of blue green purple
The finest of acrylics, staining, sinking
Over your palms
Over your eyes —

How they have taken the bright tones
Wore dark paint like chains
And how they used them

Not even Rubens can depict this brand of sorrow
You are found chained to a fence
Covered in paint
The vultures eating at the memory of you

cpocockCharlotte Pocock considers herself a poet from San Francisco, CA. Her schooling includes Ruth Asawa School of the Arts under the Creative Writing department. She has been previously published in online journals such as Really System.