Pregnancy Pantoum – Kari Flickinger

She took the test again, today.
The bathroom refuse overflowing,
and the cat pawing, to be let in.
The applicator left on the clothes hamper.

The bathroom refuse overflowing,
so, she went about her daily business,
the applicator left, on the clothes hamper-
it’s always negative.

So, she went about her daily, business
it never says anything else.
It’s always negative.
She forgets it’s there.

It never says, anything else
gathering, laundry as she moves about the house.
She forgets it’s there
and it all goes into the hamper.

That demonic little applicator!
—and the cat pawing to be let in,
she remembers, then,
she took the test again, today.
KFlickingerKari A. Flickinger crawled out of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in a de-evolved quest seeking the sea, and she landed in the Bay Area of California. Her poetry and stories have been published in Susurrus and Falcon’s Scratch magazines and the DVC Inquirer. She’s studying English at UC Berkeley.