post newtonian – Alan Gann

the moon has come unmoored
gypsy wandering mercury to pluto
searching for lost equations
arc and origin
dominion over tides and lovers
way it used to be
but waves having once
tasted freedom
are not so easily brought to heel
and desire always
finds its way in the dark

springs unwound
and gears without tension
refuse to grind
coming together
while remaining distant
rainbows lit from within
shining without sun or rain
and all our assumptions
about the weight of skin
value of each breath
placed on scales recalibrated
against justice as the universe
continues to bend

Alan GannAlan Gann facilitates writing workshops at Texans Can Academy, and wrote DaVerse Works, Big Thought’s performance poetry curriculum. A multiple Pushcart and Best-of-the-Net nominee, Alan is the author of two volumes of poetry: That’s Entertainment (Lamar University Literary Press), and Adventures of the Clumsy Juggler (Ink Brush Press). His nonexistent spare time is spent outdoors: biking, birding, and snapping photographs.