Polish Dining Ring – A Msou

Got a set of broken ribs
Not the first time I’m like this
Ten miles into Labunie,
Hiding in a rifted kitch
In a Polish dining ring
Young souls singing oldie things
Crows are smiling and they sing:
“Darlin’, you are next to swing”

Just another soldier who
Steals the life of foreign thieves
They are saying I’ve betrayed,
Sold my brothers for a grin
Got a pistol in my hand
Printed on, a russian flag
With a bullet in my arm
n’ other two left in its mag

Artur stopped me by the dorm
Pointed gun onto my throat
Said I am a bastard filth,
Sold our men to Smigly corps
Believe me I’ve done nothing so
He shot me, it went a bit wrong
I’ve done what I had to do,
“Russians don’t have right to lose”

Zamosc shouldn’t be this cold
Had to torn my army form
Walked the way with tanker suit,
Found my way to jilted house
Which once was a dining room
With a bar across the room
there lay some booze in its shelf,
that’ll serve my last enjoyment

They will have me hanged in dusk
If they find me alive at last
I can’t run much furthermore,
With bullet wound on my arm
Got a pistol in right hand
Holding whisky with left hand
Facing right toward the door,
in a polish dining room

A MsouA Msou does it to challenge himself, to dive deeper inside his soul and know himself a little better.