peace has its season – Disha Trivedi

untitled, I
was reading
a book upon the
grass and let the
wind cast its breath
into the pages and
it left behind a tongue
in the shape of a
yellow leaf and
spoke against
the pages: keep
me, I am your
story, veined and
lined against
the turning sky.
collect me, I
am your specimen,
papered against
your pages, cold
against your
still-summered skin.
press me, I will
last longer than
your pages, steal
sun for your passing
words, give
the coming season
one new fingertip
of life.

Disha TrivediDisha Trivedi currently divides her time between Scotland, New Zealand, and Northern California. Her poetry has been published in The Big Windows Review and Rumble Fish Quarterly. Her prose has been published in The Women’s Issue, an anthology curated by the Harvard Advocate.